Indiana: It’s A Great Place To Be A Bigot

by Michael John Scott

Indiana Governor Mike Pence’s ‘Christian’ decision to sign into law a measure that could allow businesses to turn away gay and lesbian customers in the name of “religious freedom” is…

Arizona’s Latest Conservative Fantasy: Reversing Abortions

by Michael John Scott

Hate-filled Christians everywhere are desperate to stop gays from marrying, and women from having a choice as to whether or not to terminate an unwanted pregnancy. Several states…

4 Simple Ways To Implement Sensible Gun Control

by Guest Contributor

Only the real fanatics, and they are legion, refuse to accept any form of gun control.  The rest of America, however, is more than ready to accept some…

Does Anyone Speak English at British Telecom?

by Norman Rampart

After my father in law’s demise I had to cancel various things such as his telephone line. To do this you simply ring British Telecom – well, it…

GOP Rep Shocked After Asking FaceBook Fans About ObamaCare

by Peter Lake

There’s an old saying in the legal community: before you ask the question make sure you know the answer.  The chair of the House GOP conference would have…

Puppy Love and Chasing Pigeons on the Common

by Norman Rampart

My next door neighbour is not very well most of the time. She has breathing difficulties that increase or decrease depending on the weather. As a result she…


You Might Be Surprised Where Americans Moved Last Year

by Michael John Scott

It comes as no surprise that the Sunshine State played host to a lot of…

Not Only Did Germanwings Pilot Have Mental Problems He Couldn’t See Either

by Ron Reed

WHEN Lufthansa finishes paying out millions and millions of dollars to the families of the grieving…

Kazakhstan Village Struck by Mysterious ‘Sleeping Sickness’

by Ron Reed

Reminiscent of the movies Dark City, and Village of the Damned, a tiny little town in Kazakhstan…

Germanwings Pilot Suffered from Hidden ‘Medical Condition’

by Michael John Scott

It was announced early Friday by German investigators that Andreas Lubitz, the co-pilot of the doomed…

Was Germanwings Air Crash a Deliberate Act of Terrorism?

by Michael John Scott

It was announced early today by Marseille prosecutor Brice Robin that the co-pilot of the…

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10 Common Household Items That Are Poisonous To Pets

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Do you think your pet really, really loves you, or as Bill Maher once remarked, they only love you when you feed them.  I was never a fan of…


5 Cool Tech Tools To Help You Stay Fit in the 21st Century

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Finding the motivation to work out or to eat right seems impossible sometimes, especially if you’re on your own without a…

5 Myths About Washing Produce

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I’m not obsessed with using produce wash, nor am I cavalier about biting into unwashed organic fruits and veggies. The fact…