Watch Jaxon the German Shepherd Dance to Flo Rida’s ‘Low’

by Michael John Scott

It looks like Jaxson the German shepherd just needs to get his ear dance on. The four-year-old German Shepherd from Marion, Indiana, is the star of a recent…

SCOTUS Strikes Down Environmental Regulations Which Would Have Improved Air Quality

by Michael John Scott

An appeals court decided in a 2014 ruling, that the Environmental Protection Agency “properly [put] the horse before the cart” in coming up with mandates to limit power-plant…

Bernie Sanders Predicts Bernie Sanders Will Win White House And Why He Won’t

by Michael John Scott

Sorry Bernie, you’re a great guy who is saying all the right things but you don’t stand a snowball’s chance of winning this election. To begin with, most…

Why Police In Many Other Countries Rarely Use Their Guns

by Michael John Scott

The United States is becoming an armed camp, with more and more states passing laws that allow people to more easily purchase and carry guns, including handguns, and…

How To Get Revenge On Cold Callers

by Norman Rampart

You will have to adapt my cunning plan depending on where your cold caller is calling from but all you have to do is ask them. I invariably…

Positive Discrimination Is Dumb

by Norman Rampart

One of the challengers for the leadership of Britain’s defeated Labour Party, Yvette Cooper, has said that, if she becomes Labour leader, she will increase the number of…


North Carolina May Ban Local Shark Fishing Due To Shark Attacks

by Michael John Scott

Altogether, six people over the past few weeks have been attacked by sharks off the…

Pregnant Woman Who Claimed She Was Raped By Pig Now Says It Was Actually a Horse

by Michael John Scott

A Texas woman recently told Ellis County News that she expects to give birth to a baby…

Rescuers Save Boys Trapped By Rattlesnake

by Michael John Scott

Rattlesnakes can be deadly and it’s best to avoid them, and their habitat, wherever possible.…

Eastern Cougar Removed From Endangered List For A Sad Reason

by Michael John Scott

Animals are placed on the list of endangered species for a good reason: protection from…

Disney Bans Those Darn Selfie Sticks

by Hunter Steele

Those who simply must prove they’ve been to Disney World will need to do so…

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Finding the motivation to work out or to eat right seems impossible sometimes, especially if you’re on your own without a…

5 Myths About Washing Produce

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