Mike Huckabee-Hardly a Folksy Conservative

by Michael John Scott

Mad Mike Huckabee isn’t all that he seems, which is not surprising for a Baptist preacher.  While he portrays himself as a gentle, god-fearing soul he is, in…

Texas Jackass Wants To Force Women To Carry Non-Viable Fetuses To Term

by Michael John Scott

As each day ends I look back upon it with both shock and amazement.  The number of people elected to office that should be in the looney bin continues…

Ben Carson’s Craziest Quotes On Prison Sex, Nazi America, Health Care Slavery And More

by Michael John Scott

It’s a crazy world out there, and some of the biggest crazies of all are card carrying members of America’s Republican party, perhaps one of the biggest collections…

Of Friends and God

by Norman Rampart

Circumstances I have found myself in lately have caused me to think ‘what is a friend?’ and ‘why have I got friends?’ and other thoughts of that nature.…

Baltimore: The Puzzling Question of Disparate Bail or WTF?

by Michael John Scott

If there’s a question of who is at fault in the criminal justice system, my experience and education will tend to favor the government.  For example, our long…

Our Monday Morning Cartoon

by J. Bado

Some things are confusing. Our political cartoonist describes that confusion.…


Freddie Gray Arrest Lawful-Knife Likely Illegal

by Michael John Scott

Things are rarely as they seem, as the State Attorney in Baltimore is learning.  Instead…

Adjunct Professors Forced to Work Second Jobs Due to Low Pay

by Michael John Scott

I’m an adjunct professor, meaning I don’t teach full-time, and am not looking for tenure.…

47-Year Old Husband of Facebook Chief Operating Officer Dies During Workout

by Bill Miller

Life is short, and death can come at any moment, and it did for one American…

Outrage In Short Supply When Cop is Victim-NYPD Officer Dead at 25

by Michael John Scott

The NYPD and police officers all over the country are grieving today after an heroic police officer who…

Scientists Say 60% of Our Beloved Herbivores Face Extinction

by Michael John Scott

Science Advances published a brand new study that is being described as “horribly bleak,” for our rhinos, camels, and elephants: It…

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Of Pot and Pets In Colorado-What Vets Are Seeing

by Dr. Jennifer Coates

Marijuana, once believed to be the root of all evil, is becoming mainstream, and in states such as Washington Colorado and others, it is big business indeed. What…

10 Common Household Items That Are Poisonous To Pets

by Michael John Scott

Our homes are filled with danger for our pets.  I know any number of people who have left their kitchen cabinets open only to find that their puppy has eaten…

9 Common Myths of the Freshwater Shrimp Hobby

by Michael John Scott

I have been a tropical fish enthusiast for decades, but just recently placed a tentative foot into the world of Freshwater Shrimp.  So far my experience has been…

How Can We Tell When Our Pets Are In Pain?

by Michael John Scott

When in pain we humans can tell someone, or we can at least grimace, moan or walk funny.  Animals, however, aren’t quite as transparent, often hiding their pain…


5 Cool Tech Tools To Help You Stay Fit in the 21st Century

by Jessica Snow

Finding the motivation to work out or to eat right seems impossible sometimes, especially if you’re on your own without a…

5 Myths About Washing Produce

by Michael John Scott

I’m not obsessed with using produce wash, nor am I cavalier about biting into unwashed organic fruits and veggies. The fact…