Texans looking to secede-again!

The very idea of Texans imagining they can take care of themselves is both laughable yet very “Texan like.”  At present the state government is in disarray and they are broke.  The borders are a shambles and no one can decide whether to let Jesus in the house, the state house that is.  A woman’s right to choose is up for grabs and God and guns are everywhere. Here is the story from our friends at Newser:

Yesterday was Texas Independence Day, and one group of Texans celebrated it by rallying on the steps of the state Capitol, urging secession from the US. The Texas Nationalist Movement is unhappy with both Democrats and Republicans, and is especially concerned with the growing national debt and rising taxes, reports the AP via the Houston Chronicle. “Texas can take better care of itself than Washington,” says the group’s VP. “We are here to raise interest in the Legislature of the possibility of secession to cure the ills of America.”

The small but passionate group want state lawmakers to allow Texans to vote on whether or not to declare independence. “The only way is to secede and wipe the slate clean,” says a radio show host. “We secede, and then we reform this government based on an absolute return back to basic principles.” Adds the group’s membership director, “This is a cake that’s been baking for 85 years.” The demonstrators are no fans of Gov. Rick Perry; one calls him “a big government fraud who claims to be conservative.” Mother Jones notes that State Rep. Leo Berman, a birther, sponsored the rally.

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3 Responses to Texans looking to secede-again!

  1. John Myste

    March 7, 2011 at 2:55 am

    Look, step away from the Texas jokes! If WE decided to withdraw from this little experimental American Union, WE will do just fine. Border wars with the north would be almost immediate and ALL of us a packing.

    We shoot things, kill things, and destroy things bigger and better than any rational or intelligent person could ever understand.

  2. dp1053

    March 7, 2011 at 10:33 am

    If Texas wants to leave, by all means, please go. BUT once gone, you cannot return. And don’t ask for foreign aid either.

  3. SeanG

    March 7, 2011 at 1:02 pm


    “We are here to raise interest in the Legislature of the possibility of secession to cure the ills of America.”

    I actually agree. Texas secession would cure at least a few of America’s ills. Texas takes one for the team? Thanks guys!