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DBKP has released its monthly ratings of the Most Popular 100 Conservative sites on the web, the Conservative 100. The ratings are based on Alexa traffic rankings 3-month worldwide average. Ratings taken from January 15-18, 2012.

As can be expected, there has been some movement over the last six months since the last Conservative 100 was published. The Top 10 was absolutely stable. After that, sites movement has been fluid. Of course, changes in the way Google indexed sites fully took effect since our last rating in June 2011.

In the interest of getting the list published, this post was a “team effort.” We’ll blame any mistakes on a lack of coordination. Or lack of communication. Or…

Our next list is planned to be another project by more than one individual. It’s planned to come out the first week of February. But we all know about the plans of mice and men…

NOTE: We added a lot of new sites to the “Near Miss” list. Check the end of this post for a list of sites which we haven’t “put in their proper place yet.” Give us 48 hours and check back. All the work should be completed.

The Conservative 100 list contains sites of interest to conservatives or with a conservative point of view.

RanklastWebsiteAlexa Rank
11Fox News164
22WSJ Opinion Journal234
33Drudge Report380
55The Blaze1584
66Washington Times2267
77World Net Daily/Michael Savage2984
88Daily Caller3249
99Big Hollywood/Breitbart 3374
1010Hot Air3462
1111Town Hall4007
1212Free Republic4129
1314National Review Online4870
1413Washington Examiner4991
1515Instapundit/Pajamas Media5957
1618Rush Limbaugh7656
1727Weekly Standard7731
1816Glenn Beck9201
2024Human Events9881
2117CNS News10151
2225Breitbart TV10202
2321American Thinker10378
2418Big Government10888
2523Red State11618
2622*Ace of Spades HQ/My Pet Jawa/CYankee*13011
2729Heritage Foundation14963
2926Michelle Malkin17993
30The Gateway Pundit18605
3230American Spectator21766
3347Dick Morris22840
3434Front Page Magazine24555
3532Big Journalism26618
3645The Right Scoop27003
3739Jihad Watch29582
3979Washington’s Blog33293
4031Canada Free Press34694
4248Freedom Works37184
4344Don Surber38864
4462Sean Hannity39658
4556Mark Levin40675
4657Ann Coulter41138
4740Atlas Shrugs41777
4838Bill O’Reilly42522
5052Weasel Zippers46044
52Legal Insurrection 49167
5343Neal Boortz52893
5478The American54873
5542Life News55324
56PJ TV56317
5746Volokh Conspiracy56463
5882MRC TV [formerly Eye Blast TV]57144
5964The Other McCain66723
6071Pat Dollard68357
6160Outside the Beltway70027
6259Right Wing News73492
6358Big Peace75787
6555Debbie Schlussel 76764
6665Army Times76752
6770Media Research Center79184
6872Conservatives for Palin89719
6951Right Pundits89815
7066Daniel Pipes90858
7175Day by Day92705
7285Right Michigan93180
7380I Own the World94323
7461First Things**95071
7590American Conservative99737
76Verum Serum102719
77Michael Yon105240
7884Jammie Wearing Fools107958
7987Laura Ingraham110028
8073Say Anything112783
8150DBKP – Death by 1000 Papercuts114699
83Mitt Romney Central 122987
8483Doug Ross@Journal131334
8591Lonely Conservative134113
8693James Lileks127252
87Angry White Dude137959
88Small Dead Animals 139886
9098Steyn Online143463
91Gates of Vienna145283
9381Hugh Hewitt154258
9687Renew America173665
97Right Nation173784
98100Flopping Aces176563
9995The People’s Cube177207
100American Power Blog181197

Many thanks to death by 1,000 papercuts (DBKP)

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