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So Martin Bashir had to resign from “Liberal” MSNBC for saying Sarah Palin deserved “graphic punishment” for comparing the national debt to slavery.  So much for any passing respect I may have had for those timid and spineless cowards.  The national debt is not slavery and to say such a thing is conclusive proof that Mrs Palin has no idea what Capitalism is or how it or any other kind of economy works.  I might say that personal debt is like a three legged billy goat called Trig or that a mortgage is like a writing desk or a debenture is something installed by a dentist  with equal evidence of idiocy and invitation to mocking disrespect — and had I done so, I would deserve just that: graphic punishment.

But of course  I don’t say that. I say that Sarah Palin and the tsunami of seething ignorance that washed her into the light of such a dismal period in American history as this deserves something far more humiliating and degrading than all she has so far experienced.

To have made a career out of embarrassing a nation with her endless attacks on truth, decency and on knowing what the hell one is talking about,  she does indeed deserve punishment, although graphic continues to mean, (in English if not Mediaspeak,) written or drawn. If you’re less scrupulous than I am, you might use it to mean clearly written or illustrated, but what the former MSNBC  presenter asks for is criticism: to punish her verbally.

Big fucking deal. It’s as though MSNBC considers criticism out of line and opinion odious in a world that includes not only Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, the entire cast of the Fox News Soap Opera and of course Sarah Palin.  If  TV journalists were forbidden to criticize or even to suggest doing so, perhaps we’d be watching ventriloquist’s dummies worked by invisible puppeteers — something like watching Mrs. Palin trying to sound almost as smart as an arrogant infant throwing a tantrum — and failing.

Bashir is far more of a gentleman than I am. Any punishment I might suggest would be more grotesque than graphic and much more suitable to someone who has worked so hard to damage the United States of America and advance the interest of  the greedy, the stupid, the bigoted and deranged (don’t forget she believes in witches and the need to kill them.)

Of course if  Newspeak is what youspeak,  if things in your world don’t happen but trend and you think “graphic” means nasty, go fuck yourself.  I don’t care what you think and you belong in the same public pillory Mrs Palin  should be locked into while men and livestock line up to piss in her face — only graphically, of course.

 Bashing Bashir
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5 Responses to Bashing Bashir

  1. E.A. Blair Reply

    December 6, 2013 at 1:29 am

    Considering the quality of what comes out of Palin’s mouth, I don’t see what all the fuss is about. All Mr. Bashir said is that she should have to eat her own turds words.

  2. Bill Formby Reply

    December 6, 2013 at 10:07 am

    While all of what you say is true Glenn and you not find anyone who dislikes The Palin more than I, I think Bashir and MSNBC have diligently tried to stat above her level in discussions. In this one instance he let his ire pull him down to her level. One thing that we progressives need to remember is that people like Palin, Bachmann, and Limbaugh are only as relevant as we allow them to be. In a situation similar to when a football player retaliates to a dirty play on the field, the referee on catches the one retaliates. I think that Rachel Maddow does an excellent job of turning the tables on people like Palin by making fun of them. That’s one reason that few right wingers would dare to take her on. I am truly sorry that Martin Bashir has resigned because I did enjoy his show.

    • Glenn Geist Reply

      December 7, 2013 at 11:45 am

      I have to disagree. They’re as relevant as their audience thinks they are and they simply don’t care what the rest of us think. Their audience is huge and they vote. Nobody listens to our silence.

      How many tyrants simply faded away because of a silent minority and I fear that’s what we are. There’s too much money being poured into rabble rousers and hate shouters like Limbaugh and the like for us to ignore them ( or the people behind them) safely. 72 years ago today, Our navy was decimated while we were being polite to the Japanese ‘peace’ envoys.

      What people want to be true speaks louder than what actually is true or at least it’s heard more readily. I’d like to see her shouted down by someone with some credibility and Bashir shouldn’t have to suffer for suggesting that.

  3. newageluddite Reply

    December 6, 2013 at 12:52 pm

    “graphic continues to mean, (in English if not Mediaspeak,) written or drawn…” I believe the author of this piece is dissembling. According to Random House Webster’s College Dictionary, graphic also means “depicted in a realistic or vivid manner”
    To say that a public figure should be made to vividly eat her own feces is quite different from “drawing a picture”, and is closer, I believe, to what Mr. Bashir said-which takes much of the attention off the disgusting comparison Ms. Palin made.

  4. Glenn Geist Reply

    December 7, 2013 at 11:29 am

    The Oxford continues to prefer “of drawing, engraving, etching, etc.” although “vividly descriptive” is listed secondarily because it’s a metaphor. Sometimes “painting a vivid picture” still involves paint and canvas. Maybe you’re missing my point.

    The word has come to mean shocking or disgusting as used in the American parlance. That’s what I’m making fun of. Vividly descriptive punishment means nothing since punishment is generally not a description.

    I do understand the wish to stay above her level although the average cesspool tends to be that way, but perhaps the fact that she’s come as far as she has might have something to do with the unwillingness to call her a liar and an idiot. It could be that not only are the corporate cowards praising her with faint damnation, but promoting her career by treating her lies and distortions as “the other side of the story.”

    Being polite to people like that can be dangerous and there is something wrong with punishing someone who tells her to eat shit while she shits all over everything good and true and decent and gets rich doing it. Keeping quiet and respectful to evil never did any good and evil is just what she is, not a loveable scamp or charming ‘Maverick.’

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