Time For A Revolution

Nero fiddles while Rome burns...

Nero fiddles while Rome burns…

Let’s face it folks, I am getting old, perhaps even senile, but I am not yet to the stupid point just yet. Like many of you I recognized very early in Donald Trump’s run for the presidency that he more than just a little off his little rocking horse, but it may be worse than that.

Some time ago Mike and I had a conversation about where the country was going. During that time there was a dissatisfaction with the way government was being run. It seemed like an extraordinarily large number of people were mad as hell about not getting their “40 acres and a mule.” During this same period of time there were those of color who were harking back to the days of civil unrest and the far right wingers were screaming about Obama trying to take their guns away from them.

During this conversation with Mike I mentioned that we were beginning to sound like some of the third world countries just before they had and actual revolution. Mike had said something to the effect that “You mean with guns and trying to violently take over the government. No, I don’t think we will have that kind of situation.” At that time he was right. Donald Trump was not in the equation. These really angry people did not have anyone to coalesce around, a leader of sorts. Well I believe that has changed.

Listening to clips of Donald Trump’s speech last night really put my mind in gear again. His rhetoric was, and probably will continue to be, it is us against the vast global conspiracy. He was saying that the “Clinton’s were coming after them and was going to hurt them, hurt their families, lie about them, ruin their reputations.” In other words Bill and Hillary Clinton had a machine that was controlling a global takeover of America and the very survival of America was at stake.

Now, I realize that a wounded animal will turn against anyone, even those who are trying to help it. It sees nothing but pain coming from all directions and there literally are no friends, just enemies and potential enemies. There is literally nothing left to do but put its back against the wall and lash out. Well, right now that is Donald Trump.He has been hurt, wounded, so to speak, and has decided that if he can’t win, no one can. He has literally had a mental breakdown where reasoning has left him. The scary part is that he has taken about 35% of the country with him.

He has decided, a la Charles Manson, that everyone but him has it wrong and only he understand what is right any longer. Similar to Hitler in Germany after WWI when Germany was struggling to recover from being defeated Trump has a large group of dissatisfied people who believe in him. He had said on one account that he could likely shoot someone on Madison Avenue in New York City and not lose a single vote. Right now, based on the current environment, he is probably right.

Trump has joined hands and philosophy with the Alt Right and decided that there is a far reaching conspiracy that even Jesse Ventura would think was crazy. Trump has led people along a path that began with their general dissatisfaction with Washington politics on immigration and trade to a point where they are now ready for open rebellion. Now, do I think that of all 30 – 35% of the people who might vote for him? Not really, but, I do think he has led people to believe that this election is rigged and that someone needs to stop it. This the point when the people like Timothy McVeigh’s step up.

Trump is, for all intents and purposes, setting the stage for home grown terrorists of the non Muslim variety to start taking action. I have, in several posts, tried to point out to people the craziness of the 1960’s and 70’s when terrorism was not about a religious faith but about an idea of how the country was being run. The days of the SDS, Black Panthers, SLA (Patty Hearst), Weather Underground, KKK may be about to return except now they will be on the same side with the Islamic terrorists. The catalyst is Donald Trump and his followers have proven that there is nothing he can do to turn them against him.

While this may seem a bit extreme to some just take a step back for a moment and look at this thing objectively. In the polls 35% of the people have said that they would vote for a confessed sex offender for the presidency. His record of objectifying women is a apparent and obvious.  His view of Hispanics and people of color has also been well documented. To date no one has ever been seriously considered a presidential candidate with these views, but he currently is now being seriously considered. Not only that, he has already made a case for what happens if he loses. His followers will believe that he was cheated out of the election and some may turn violent.

All of this may sound a bit Orwellian, but I am afraid that it is here and cannot be avoided unless Trump himself stops it. That my friends is not going to happen. I truly believe that Donald Trump has had a mental breakdown on par with Nero  and he will truly fiddle as his Rome Burns.

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