Republican Criminals: Lying to Entice the Theocrats

by Glenn R. Geist

Sure, you can daydream that something will happen to Trump like impeachment, imprisonment, running out the back door like Nixon, but you know it’s not going to do any good. He’s a figurehead, something for the rubes and rednecks and angry idiots. He’s replaceable.

Haven’t you noticed the constant stream of megabucks coming out of your TV screen with ads for Gorsuch and against ObamaCare and for Trump himself and against Planned Parenthood? Who do you think pays for all these millions and millions — grassroots contributors? Hell no, it’s the real leaders and the real liars, the corporations and the billionaire plutocrats and would-be oligarchs and even some real Russian oligarchs.

It’s already their country, you peashooter patriots with your stupid hats and signs. I saw one twice yesterday assuring us that according to Planned Parenthood itself they provide no services but abortions and use your money to perform them. No mammograms, no prenatal care, just abortions and what’s worse, they’ve even faced charges of selling parts of dead babies! Of course the charges were bogus and came to nothing because they were fraudulent and criminal.

Truth doesn’t matter, how many times do I have to tell you and yes, of course they provide all sorts of public services including mammograms and the Republican criminals (but that’s redundant isn’t it) are lying to entice the theocrats. It’s their country, just ask them and it was designed by theocrats for one religion only.

Listen, I remember a lot of presidents and a lot of campaigns and I don’t remember huge expensive campaigns for judges. Who, after all has such a huge amount to gain from a Supreme Court Justice that they would put up 10, 20, 30 million bucks to advertise him? Who without an expectation of it being worth it? Figure it out.

This is the legacy of Citizens United and it needs to be maintained so the Dukes and Earls and Princes of capitalism can maintain their power over you and your life and if it costs a billion, why then, they will spend it. And why complain, because if it’s good for the Koch Brothers and the Waltons and the Abramovs and the Trumps and the Kushner’s you’ll damn well take it up the hoo ha and you’ll smile and like it peasant. We will tell you who to blame for the rectal pain. And if you don’t? Look at what happens to those people who did.

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