Trump’s Awful Coast Guard Speech Is A Reflection Of An Awful Presidency

by Glenn R. Geist

“No politician in history has been treated worse,” said Trump at the Coast Guard academy commencement speech. I had to turn the sad performance off. Once again, it’s all about Donald.

I saw no indication that the Coasties themselves were disgusted with the man who slashed their budget; perhaps they forgive him, perhaps they don’t read the news or think reality is fake. Perhaps their smiles were only as genuine as the North Korean’s look of adulation every time fat Kim walks by. Who knows? Who can figure it all out? Meanwhile I’m reconsidering my “no chance of impeachment” stance. Evidence for total defiance of law and obstruction of justice is, as one reporter put it “falling from the trees”

Seems Flynn told the campaign ahead of time he was a foreign agent: secret agent, in fact since he wasn’t registered and yet they hired him anyway. Trump’s only recourse that I can see is to claim he had no idea what his staff was doing, which speaks to his incompetence as a leader or to keep insisting that all his transgressions are “fake news.” That may hold up with his idiot supporters (yes, that’s a tautology) but it won’t hold up in the courts — I don’t think.

Anyway, as bullies do, he whines about how he’s being bullied, mistreated, unappreciated and he looks for sympathy. He’s a sick man and his narcissism and megalomania emerge constantly. Whenever he’s given a stage, it becomes the Donald Show, regardless of the occasion. He’s insulted the CIA, bragging and lying about the inauguration and he’s insulted the underappreciated Coast Guard by turning it into a tantrum all about how the other kids are picking on him, their lunch money in his pockets.

He’s got to go and the most guilty of his capos need to go with him with Sessions at the top of the list. Mueller is an “untouchable” I think and a determined investigator. The data will come out, the guilty will be exposed. It falls to the American people to unplug themselves from the Fox matrix and send them all to jail. Lock him up!

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One Response to Trump’s Awful Coast Guard Speech Is A Reflection Of An Awful Presidency

  1. Michael John Scott Reply

    May 19, 2017 at 6:00 pm

    There are never any words, at least for me anymore, to describe this train wreck of a man. None.

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