It’s A Hard Rain Gonna Fall America

by Glenn Geist

People gather in the streets and yell "hate, hate" while Big Brother smiles. Any connection, real or lied about is sufficient to demonize the victim. Hence Bob Mueller…

Santa’s ‘Trump Era’ Answer To Johnny’s Christmas Letter

by David P. Greenberg

Dear Little Johnny, Ho, ho, ho, and Merry Christmas. It is with great sadness that I inform you that there will be no presents this year. See, Santa…

How Trump Censorship of Science Will Kill People

by Newsweek

Do you want your medical treatment to be based on science? The administration doesn’t and this Trump censorship could bill people. …

How the Trump Transition Team Tumbled Down the Rabbit Hole

by Michael John Scott

The Trump transition story is akin to a tumble down the proverbial rabbit hole, with upside down being right side up and wrong being right.…

In Twisted Trump World We Couldn’t Convict Today of Being Sunday

by Glenn Geist

America today represents a disaster. There is no bright light at the end of the tunnel. There is only darkness in the upside down world of Donald Trump.…


LA TIMES: Americans Elected a “Reckless Conman As President”

by MadMikesAmerica

Writing in the LA Times, author and human rights activist Ariel Dorfman took the American electorate…

HHS Also Banned From Using Certain Words

by Michael John Scott

It appears the CDC is not alone in Trump Land when it comes to using words prohibited by…

When Dogs Kill: Virginia Woman Killed In Grisly Mauling By Own Pit Bulls

by Michael John Scott

by Michael John Scott A Virginia woman was mauled to death by her own pit…

Republicans Refusing To Continue Investigating Trump Crimes

by Newsweek

Republicans are refusing to name new witnesses in the Congressional investigation into Trump crimes and…

Sources: Trump Plans To Axe Special Counsel Mueller Next Week

by Michael John Scott

Democratic Congresswoman Jackie Spier said Friday the “rumor on the Hill” is that President Donald…

7 Words Banned From CDC Lexicon Because Trump Doesn’t Know What They Mean

by Newsweek

Donald Trump’s administration has reportedly banned the Center for Disease Control from using seven words…

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