Blaming White Males For Our Social Misfortunes

by Glenn Geist

Amongst Liberals I know, it's the thing to blame white males for most of our social ills and that includes racism. Whether or not true it's a good…

The European Union: An Empire In The Making

by Neil Bamforth

by Neil Bamforth In 2007, Jose Manual Barroso, the European Union Commission Chief, stated that “Sometimes I like to compare the EU as a creation to the organisation…

Are Any of My Friends Running For President?

by Bill Formby

It seems everyone who has or had any kind of relationship with Trump are soiled goods. Trump has managed to expose the ugly underbelly of New York City.…

Understanding the Weight of Words

by Gregory B. Gonzalez

In the days since the midterms and the Tree of Life shooting, I've been doing a lot of thinking about how what people say and the effect their…


Jeff Bezos Predicts Amazon Will Go Bankrupt

by MadMikesAmerica

"I predict one day Amazon will fail," Bezos said at an "all-hands" employee meeting on…

Democratic Longshots Eye 2020 Presidential Race

by MadMikesAmerica

Oprah says she's not interested in running for president in 2020, but one of her friends definitely…

Sarah Sanders Issues Petty Response To Court Ruling On Acosta Press Pass

by MadMikesAmerica

CNN thoroughly and fittingly embarrassed the White House Friday when a federal judge ruled that…

Pilots Spot UFOs Over Ireland: ‘It Was Moving So Fast’

by Michael John Scott

The Irish Aviation Authority is investigating after multiple pilots spotted UFOs traveling faster than the…

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