The Lies Professor Dunning Taught Northam, Clinton, and Me

by Burr Deming

We hope for our best judgment when it is necessary to judge the ignorant, the flawed, and those who have done wrong. Not all ignorance is willful. …

Life Is An Adventure

by Neil Bamforth

Life is an adventure. I have no idea who said that or, indeed, if the saying is credited to anybody. I suppose it's true a lot of the…

Please Stop Calling Donald Trump An A$$hole

by Gregory B. Gonzalez

I have a simple request to ask of my fans, friends, and family. It's not even a request, really, I'm actually pleading with all of you.…

Who Moved the Floor?

by Bill Formby

I have been rather quiet lately due primarily to unrecognized changes in my physical world. Things kind of creeped up on me while I wasn't looking.…


Insects Could Disappear Within a Century

by MadMikesAmerica

Insects could completely disappear within the next 100 years, dragging global ecosystems into a catastrophic…

Trump Explains Why He Doesn’t Have A Dog

by Michael John Scott

During his rally in El Paso on Monday night, President Trump detoured into an unlikely…

Wife Jailed for Life—Husband Not Eaten By Gators

by MadMikesAmerica

A Florida woman was jailed for life this week for killing her husband, who for…

Pelosi Dishes “acres of shade’ In A Few Seconds of Applause

by MadMikesAmerica

It was the applause heard round the world, except it was the sight, not the…

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