Today in Trump: Kelly’s Out, Ayers is In, Keeping America Great Again

by David P. Greenberg

So, Trump cans Kelly. It's OK general. You can always come home to Massachusetts. There's a lovely Socialist Transexual Artist Community in Cambridge.…

Book Review: George R.R. Martin’s ‘Fire and Blood’

by Gregory B. Gonzalez

When I read some of the early reviews of FIRE & BLOOD, they were mostly people bitching about why Martin is wasting his time with this book.…

Kevin Hart Receives Ironic Gay Justice

by Joe Hagstrom

One day comedian Kevin Hart is on top of the world. He's been named to host this year's Oscar Awards Show. God bless him. …

The Beggars Of London Town

by Neil Bamforth

You try walking past aggressive beggars from Eastern Europe who, on occasion, have assaulted people to get money. Happens all the time.…


Three Important Healthy Eating Tips From the American Heart Association

by Michael John Scott

If you want a healthy heart buy a bag of Brazil nuts, put your fork…

Trump: ‘Totally Cleared?” Just a Minute Says Kellyanne’s Hubby George

by Michael John Scott

Conway went on to post other tweets, including a satirical headline from the Onion—"Giuliani Insists Breaking…

Couple Looking to Get Married Forced To Prove New Mexico Is a State

by Bill Formby

A couple from La Cruces, New Mexico, walked up to the counter at the license…

Crackpot Ann Coulter: Shoot Migrants So Their Kids Can’t Vote For Democrats

by MadMikesAmerica

Ann Coulter’s message to Donald Trump to send troops into Mexico to shoot migrants was…

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