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DeSantis Turns Signing of Florida Voter Suppression Bill Into Partisan Circus

by Michael John Scott

There’s sucking up to Donald Trump and then there’s this: Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis took it to the next level on Thursday morning.…

Republicans Don’t Give A Barnyard Bleat About History

by David P. Greenberg

This slavery in the school thing is a non-argument. Republicans don't care about history classes any more than they care about fetuses.…

When A Maskless, Coughing Republican Is No Longer A Threat

by David P. Greenberg

Traffic is picking up. I never thought I'd say that's a good thing, but it is. People are going out. Stores, restaurants are doing business.…

Did Capitol Police Erase Footage of Rep. Boebert Leading Insurgency Reconnaissance Tours?

by Michael John Scott

A perusal of Republican websites and postings showed that several Republican leaders seemed to not only know the attack was coming but to have actively participated in encouraging…

Is a Democratic Resurgence in 2022 Possible? Hell Yes!

by Michael John Scott

Even those who acknowledge that the U.S. economy will be in a state of overdrive by the time of the midterms point to the conventional wisdom that dictates…

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Airlines Levy Heavy Fines For Idiots Who Attack Attendants Over Mask Requirements

by Michael John Scott

Two travelers face a combined $50,000 in fines, and not just for their lack of…

Rick Wiles Says COVID-19 Vaccines Are a Plot to Carry Out ‘Global Genocide’

by MadMikesAmerica

Nutty Rick Wiles used his “TruNews” broadcast to declare that COVID-19 vaccines are really part of a…

Chlorinating Your Pool Might Be Tough This Summer

by Michael John Scott

A major shortage of chlorine has come just in time for pool season. Per CNN, a…


Audience Pans Latest Tom Clancy Thriller ‘Without Remorse’

by Michael John Scott

There's little doubt that Michael B. Jordan is great in the starring role of 'Without Remorse', the latest Tom Clancy thriller.…

The Trauma of Terror: Reviewing Amazon’s New Anthology Series ‘THEM’

by Michael John Scott

It's all about the trauma these days, as we suffered through 4 years of some of the worst trauma America has experienced since the Civil War.…


Why You Should Not Try To Make a Belgian Malinois A Pet

by Michael John Scott

A friend of mine was thinking about getting a puppy, and I recommended he rescue an older dog, perhaps a lab.…

The Truth About Those Dog Zoomies

by MadMikesAmerica

You’ve just settled in for the night with your dog. and suddenly your dog begins tearing around the room like a…