Should Britain Apologize For The Amritsar Massacre?

by Neil Bamforth

A little over 100 years ago, a British officer - Brigadier-General Reginald Dyer - ordered his troops to open fire on hundreds of unarmed Indian civilians.…

How To Confuse English Speakers With English

by Neil Bamforth

Did your mother or grandparents have any phrases that made no sense at all to you? Mine did. I spoke English perfectly well, albeit with a northern accent.…

Human Trafficking, Robert Kraft, and the Trump Junta

by Glenn Geist

Most people will stare blankly when Florida's Treasure Coast is mentioned. I won't relate the story about the sunken 1715 Spanish treasure fleet.…

The Power Of the Mob

by Neil Bamforth

No, I'm not talking about the Mafia. I'm talking about human beings - not that the Mafia aren't human beings of course. Unpleasant ones perhaps.…


Game of Thrones Final Season Smashes Viewing Records

by MadMikesAmerica

The season premiere of Game of Thrones has smashed an HBO ratings record set by…

Florida Man Who Tossed Daughter Off Bridge Learns His Fate

by MadMikesAmerica

A Florida jury on Tuesday found a man guilty of first-degree murder for dropping his…

Letting Dog Sit In Passenger Seat Doomed Aircraft

by MadMikesAmerica

A man's decision to let his dog ride in the passenger seat of his small…

Largest Python Found in Everglades Packed a Secret

by MadMikesAmerica

Snake hunters trying to rid the Florida Everglades of invasive Burmese pythons used a new…

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