An Englishman Muses On His And His Nation’s Fatness (Again)

by Neil Bamforth

A woman of no more than about 84 pounds was discussing obesity on TV. That was distinctly odd. It was a bit like a blind man discussing safe…

The Donald and His Emergency Message

by Bill Formby

Donald Trump may be the death of me yet. I literally cannot stand the site of him or the sound of his voice.…

Mike Huckabee, A Friend of Jesus, Defends Kavanaugh with Sexual Assault Joke

by Michael John Scott

Mike Huckabee continued his long-running streak of conflating bigotry with “humor”when he tried to fend off a sexual assault allegation against Kavanaugh.…

Isn’t Serena Williams A Living Caricature?

by Neil Bamforth

An Australian cartoonist called Mark Knight has found himself in the midst of a bizarre argument over his cartoon of Serena Williams. …

The Alternative Facts Tell Us Liberals Want To Roast Puppies

by Joe Hagstrom

A welcome respite from the nonsense commercials we're exposed to is the wonderful ads put out by my good friends at Americans for Prosperity.…


Florence Killed 5.5K Pigs In North Carolina

by MadMikesAmerica

Hurricane Florence unleashed torrential rain, dangerous wind gusts, and now a new environmental hazard in North…

Report: Almost Half of US Cell Phone Calls Will Be Scams By Next Year

by MadMikesAmerica

Many of us are already conditioned to ignore phone calls from unknown numbers. A new…

Hillary Clinton, Helen Keller, to Be Cut From Texas History Curriculum

by MadMikesAmerica

The Texas BOE says it's trying to "streamline" the curriculum in its public schools, and…

Mandy—Nicolas Cage Delivers in His ‘Craziest Role’

by Michael John Scott

Throw together revenge, demons, a cult, and a whole lot of blood and you've got…

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