Was Morning Joe Kissing Up To Trump Long Before Hannity?

by Michael John Scott

CNN's “New Day” host Chris Cuomo took some subtle shots at MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough on Thursday morning, saying he never received the same amount of criticism as Fox…

Britain’s Shambolic Immigration Policies

by Neil Bamforth

The current scandal surrounding 'The Windrush Generation' only goes to show the shambolic mess that, for decades, has been Britain's immigration policy. Caribbeans living and working in Britain…

Give it Up Greitens! Missouri Governor Must Resign After 2d Felony Charge Looms

by Michael John Scott

On Tuesday, Missouri's top Republican legislative leaders abandoned their very own Governor Eric Greitens, calling on him to resign instead of continuing to fight allegations that he illegally…

The False Idolatry of Fake News

by Bill Formby

There many stories that were made up to drive home a point to children and those with a less than impressive intellect going back as far as the…

The Great British Scandal Of the ‘Windrush’ Generation

by Neil Bamforth

In 1948 The Empire Windrush - which is a ship incidentally in case you didn't know - brought over the first influx of immigrants from Jamaica and The…


Two Florida Sheriff’s Deputies Shot to Death Through Restaurant Window

by Michael John Scott

Demonizing the police has become the norm rather than the exception in America.  Police have…

Massive Coral Bleaching Kills Half Great Barrier Reef in 2 Years, Shocking Scientists

by Michael John Scott

An "unprecedented" bleaching event struck the Great Barrier Reef in 2016, with perilously high temperatures…

Can You Help Solve the Horrific Murder of Little Michelle Norris?

by Michael John Scott

It was a beautiful day in May, when Michelle Norris, a precocious seven-year-old, decided to…

Comey Quits GOP Saying “These People Don’t Represent Anything I Believe In”

by Michael John Scott

Former FBI Director James Comey was once a proud Republican, but that pride is gone…

PA Teacher To Be Fired Over Whole Grain Pancakes

by MadMikesAmerica

Kyle Byler is a beloved 8th-grade teacher at Lancaster, Pennsylvania's Hand Middle School and says…

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