Act Two:  Amendment XV—Former Slaves’ Voting Rights—Ratified February 3, 1870

by Michael John Scott

by E.A. Blair The Fifteenth Amendment prohibits denial of citizens’ voting rights based on  “race, color, or previous condition of servitude”.  It was the last of the three…

Voices Crying in the Wilderness

by Glenn Geist

Are deserts the last refuge of religious psychotics? Nah, They're everywhere, from the jungles of Guiana to Utah to California apartments, to Texas compounds and, well, everywhere offering…

Trump Amps Up Media Attacks After 350 Editorials Speak Their Truth

by Michael John Scott

It takes the courage of one's convictions to speak out, especially against the vindictive occupant of the Oval Office who attacked the editorial staffs...…

Act One: Amendment XIV—Citizenship For Former Slaves—Ratified July 9, 1868

by E.A. Blair

The Fourteenth Amendment defined the citizenship and civil rights of former slaves. It conferred both federal and local citizenship to  "All persons...…

The 12th Amendment Explained

by E.A. Blair

The 12th Amendment changed procedures for electing the president and vice president.  In effect, the members of the electoral college were casting two votes for president.…


Trump finds Scapegoat For Military Parade Cancellation—Local Officials

by Michael John Scott

Nutty Donald Trump has found someone to blame for his military parade being canceled, and it…

Watch: Idiotic Fox Newser Attacks Denmark—Denmark Counterattacks

by MadMikesAmerica

Dan Jørgensen's counter-video has been shared over 1.8mil times today alone as Danes' disgust with…

Former CIA Honcho John Brennan Has A Few Words For Trump

by Michael John Scott

John Brennan, the highly regarded former CIA chief,  is lashing back at Trump after being stripped of his…

Florida’s Red Tide: Killing the Water, Killing the Air

by Michael John Scott

Rick Scott, is under pressure to handle Florida's brutal red tide, a toxic algae bloom killing…

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