Is Britain Being Blackmailed By the European Union?

by Neil Bamforth

The European Union seem to have declined Britain's most generous offer of 20 billion pounds as a 'divorce settlement' when we leave - albeit I'm still tempted to…

A Tale of Two Turkeys

by Mark Bear

The two latest turkeys receiving a presidential pardon from Mr. Trump have found themselves in the center of the news cycle. According to famed Turkey behavioral and language…

Chicago, An American War Zone, Passes Grim Milestone

by Michael John Scott

Chicago has now seen more than 600 homicides for the second year in a row, an awful  milestone indeed. As of Monday, there had been at least 609…

Can We Teach Common Decency To Those Who Grew Up Without It?

by Glenn Geist

Sooner or later it will run its course and the monkeys will stop shrieking and flinging and go back to doing what monkeys do - at least until…

Trump Supporter and “Family Values” Republican Guilty of Sex Trafficking

by Newsweek

Ralph Shortey, former Oklahoma state senator and a county campaign coordinator for President Donald Trump’s campaign last year, will plead guilty to a child sex trafficking offense for…


Clueless Trump Fans Confuse LeVar Burton with LaVar Ball

by Newsweek

Dear Donald Trump supporters, LaVar Ball and LeVar Burton are not the same person. President…

Manchild Trump Ramps Up Feud With Father Of LiAngelo Ball, Released China Captive

by Michael John Scott

(NEWSER) – The father of one of the UCLA basketball players freed by China after shoplifting maintains that he’s not…

Inspector General: Trump Travel Ban Chaotic, Disastrous, Illegal

by MadMikesAmerica

President Trump's original travel ban was disastrously implemented, the Homeland Security inspector general said in…

Tom Steyer Brings Huge “Impeach Trump” Billboard to Times Square

by Newsweek

If they look up into the bright lights, the more than 350,000 people who traverse…

Canadian Mom Sentenced to Prison for Negligence in Death of 7-Year-Old

by MadMikesAmerica

A Calgary mother has been sentenced to three years in prison for failing to medically…

Pacific Threat: 80 Percent of Fish Set to Be Wiped Out

by Newsweek

Pacific Island nations are expected to lose 50 to 80 percent of fish species by…

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