How Viagra is Part of God’s Plan

by Joe Hagstrom

Despite all the nonsense about the Jews being God's chosen people, the reality is the United States of America is God's chosen. …

Musical Cats and Dogs and Badgers

by Neil Bamforth

Two of the best things to happen to humanity, in my view, were music and animals. Music was, on the whole, created by talented members of humanity.…

The Peasants Are Revolting

by Neil Bamforth

"The peasants are revolting" could, of course, mean a number of things. It could mean that, as the King, you're about to get your head chopped off.…

Did British Muslim Men Throw Bricks At Women And Children?

by Neil Bamforth

Oldham, north of Manchester is a town once famous for its cotton industry, along with being the place where Winston Churchill first entered politics.…


Owner Has Healthy Dog Euthanized, Buried With Her

by Michael John Scott

There is historical evidence of people having beloved pets killed and buried with them, but…

WTF? Judge Delays Sentencing So Criminal Can Go on Vacation

by MadMikesAmerica

So what's more important? Would it be starting a prison sentence for five crimes—including possession…

Tragic: Botswana Lifts 2014 Elephant Hunting Ban

by Michael John Scott

The African nation that's home to roughly a third of the country's 415,000 elephants has…

Deadly Ebola Outbreak is ‘Out of Control’

by Michael John Scott

The Democratic Republic of Congo’s devastating Ebola outbreak is the second-largest in history, but experts…

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