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Extremely Disturbing Anti-Texting While Driving Ad Comes to U.S. (Video)

A highly graphic UK texting-while-driving ad has come to the United States.

The original four-minute ad shows three teenage girls getting into a violent traffic accident. The ad caused quite a stir in Britain when it was released last year. Now the American Automobile Association has brought the commercial stateside where it has started airing last week after 9 p.m. on 13 stations in South Carolina.

“It’s graphic, but we know that using such images can make a difference,” said Tom Crosby, president of the AAA Carolina’s Foundation for Traffic Safety, to the AP.

Crosby spent nearly a year trying to get permission to air the ad, which was produced by a police department in Wales. The ad came to their attention after it went viral on YouTube last year.

The original ad is below (the U.S. version will be cut to 30 seconds) and, warning, it’s not for the faint of heart…


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Holte Ender
Holte Ender(@holte-ender)
11 years ago

It used to be speeding, then drinking, now texting. What new ways can we find to kill each other prematurely.

Gwendolyn H. Barry
11 years ago

Ditto Randal.

You know, it’s so good to today to have a reason to Goddess Bless the English. Very very hard to watch and very very necessary…

Randal Graves
11 years ago

Every generation needs its own Blood Flows Red on the Highway.

Four Dinners
11 years ago

The US should show this ad as is in its entirety. People caught texting whilst driving dropped a staggering amount after it was aired.

Tredegar, incidentally, is (or was) a slightly unattractive town. In a previous incarnation as a Litho Production Manager I had to travel to the company’s Tredegar sight every couple of weeks. Lot’s of sheep around as it’s Wales.

It does have a very nice monument in the centre of town though – that I almost demolished in a snow storm back in ’85 I think…