The Moons A Balloon (with apologies to the late David Niven)

Moonie (plural Moonies) is a term which refers to members of the Unification Church. It is derived from the name of the church’s founder Sun Myung Moon.

Some dictionaries call it offensive or derogatory, others do not.

Moonies apparently prefer the term “Unificationists”.

Try saying that after a few beers…

Unifici…Unifacti…Unificifi…oh bugger it..Moonies…

Moonie was coined in 1974 by the American media, when the Unification Church held a campaign at Madison Square Garden in New York City.

During the Sun Myung Moon tax fraud and conspiracy case in 1982, the prosecution argued that the term be banned during jury selection.

The court quite rightly denied the request and ruled that the term was appropriately “descriptive”.

I’m inclined to agree….

….as in ‘barking at the Moon’ being a phrase describing lunatics.

I say this with the utmost respect to Moonies everywhere.

Well…no I don’t actually. Well I do say it…it’s the respect bit I don’t mean…..

You are barking mad.

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2 Responses to The Moons A Balloon (with apologies to the late David Niven)

  1. Gwendolyn H. Barry

    July 18, 2010 at 9:23 pm

    You know… those stupid basssstards were always sweeping the street up behind me as I’d walk home from the local bar (in NYC) when I was at Columbia. Pushing those brooms right up onto my heels. Got up my ass about a mile… so,
    I get it.
    I’m a good goil I am. 🙂

  2. osori

    July 19, 2010 at 10:49 pm

    They suck, fourdinners. And those stupid little plastic flowers they try to sell, they suck too.