For Jimmy John And America

I posted a short while ago regarding your Prez.

I happened to ‘backtrack’ and found Jimmy John’s comment.

‘Sorry. Maybe I’m slow but I don’t get this. I also don’t get the author’s veiled “cough-cough” insult. Why Mr. Mad puts up with such insults by those who are not even Americans speaks to his character and ability to run a place with lots of diverse personalities and opinions’

Now please. Can we make this the ‘last hurrah’?

I like, admire and respect Obama. The Brits like, admire and respect Obama.

We got the hump over the ‘British Petroleum’ rather than ‘BP’ business but so what?

We LIKE him – seemingly more than large swathes of America seem to lately.

If you don’t want him send him over here and we’ll elect him for fucks sake.



That is what we Brits are apt to do – in fact, if we take the piss out of the ‘great and the good’ it usually means we feel some considerable affection for them.

It’s a ‘culture difference’ mate. That’s all it is.

I’d swap our current Prime Minister and pretty much every politician we have in Britain for the ‘breath of fresh air’ that Obama would bring to my poor benighted country.

In America it seems his popularity is on the wane…I hope he bounces back.

If he doesn’t he can have British citizenship anyday and ‘do his stuff’ over here. He’d get my vote anyday.

We bloody well need someone like him or we are well and truly fucked.

Obama the first black British PM? Never happen….sadly.

A black PM in my lifetime? I hope not as there aren’t any black politicians over here worthy. That may seem racist but when did I care? It happens to be true.

Obama would be worthy. More worthy than any politician in Britain right now.

A million times over.

I stopped calling Obama ‘cough cough’ at Mike’s request as many thought it was a slight – it was actually a micky take of his name ‘Barrack’ which I said sounded like ‘clearing your throat’ hence ‘cough cough’.

In America it was seemingly a mark of disrespect. In Britain it was actually a sign of the complete opposite – I never the less respected the request up to that earlier post as I didn’t want to offend unneccesarily.

You’re quite right Jimmy John. I’m not American. As such then, don’t expect an ‘American’ post – but don’t think I’m anti-American either.

I’m not and neither are the vast majority of Britain.

We love America and Americans and, I suspect, always will.

That doesn’t mean, however, we’ll moderate OUR humour (humor) just to massage American sensibilities.

We will, however, support America always.

That I CAN guarentee.


4D x

….as this is 2 posts in about an hour I can only apologise Mike…I just had to say this. Hope you don’t mind mate.

Trust me Jimmy John…I’m from Oldham…;-)

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2 Responses to For Jimmy John And America

  1. lazersedge

    September 30, 2010 at 9:25 pm

    Gee 4D, why don’t you tell us how you really feel. As far as I know that is why we have a blog old boy.

    • A Michael J. Scott

      October 1, 2010 at 11:22 am

      Thanks Bill. You echoed my sentiments exactly 🙂