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What is really no surprise to me…and many others is the fact that Fox News’ 2nd largest shareholder is a Saudi Prince who has been accused of Terrorism by Fox News’ reporting…and their team of “Fair and Balanced” reporters, including  Beck, even Cavuto has warmed up to him. The Saudi Prince in Question is Prince Al-Waleed Bin Talal, the same guy who after 9/11, offered then Mayor Rudy Giuliani $10 million, and the offer was at that time refused. This Prince is a large investor in companies like Goldman Sachs…a staple in America’s Financial Empire.

This Saudi Prince has recently been outed on Fox News, as being a key Donor of funds for the Mosque being built at it’s current approved site two blocks from Ground Zero, by the Prince’s  Kingdom Foundation. He funds Charities who make “Donations” to Suicide Bombers’ Families. The fact that Fox News is part owned by the Prince, and  is actually showing favor to the Prince and other Oil Rich Entities by not running specific ads that appeal to the American Public to curb our dependence on Foreign Oil by using more Green methods in our daily lives is in fact worrisome and disturbing. I have included some links to show these facts below. This disturbing issue has also been raised and spotlighted by non other than the Great Jon Stewart on his show.

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13 years ago

er….Teeluck?….the wifey has had a few voddy’s and has asked me to say ‘he is very handsome’

Just so you know mate….

…she is a bit pissed mind…;-)

13 years ago

This was Jon at his finest if you ask me. Watched the shows and Colbert’s take down also. The best journalists on the tee vee box right now, with the exception of the fine Dr Maddow.

13 years ago

Thanks Teeluck. The media – at least over here – give no airtime at all to muslims rejecting fundamentalists so, not surprisingly, they aren’t thought to be rejecting it.

Is it true that a senior muslim figure regarding the proposed mosque is condemning the west but not 9/11? I have no idea other than what I read. He – whoever he is – is certainly condemning the west re Iraq etc but is he failing to condemn fundamentalists and the 9/11 mob? makes interesting reading.

I have no pre-disposition in this as I don’t live there.

I just worry about you guys.

I’ve seen the protesters against the mosque on Sky and I’ve seen muslim protesters shouting in favour of it.

I just haven’t seen any muslims condemning 9/11 yet and I wonder why?

Is the media Islamophobic and purposely censoring such things?

13 years ago

As I am neither American nor a relative of anyone who died in 9/11 (well, as far as I know as I’m adopted) and I don’t live in New York I have only one, slightly long and meandering question…well, the question doesn’t meander, just the prelude if you’ll bare with me….

The perpetrators of 9/11 were muslims. They claimed their assault on America was in the cause of Islam. They were Islamic fundamentalists / terrorists.

As far as I know, that, more or less, is not in dispute.

If it is by all means correct me – I claim no expertise here what so ever.

Muslims now want to build a mosque within a fairly short walk from the site of 9/11.

The world in general was rightly shocked and appauled and horrified by the acts of the terrorists – acts that claimed the lives of innocent muslims as well as so many others.

However – and please correct me – I do not know whereof I speak here – the condemnation from everywhere didn’t include muslim countries (as far as I know).

Neither – as far as I can recall – did muslims living in western countries like America and Britain etc leap up to loudly condemn the actions of the terrorists.

I believe – perhaps wrongly – that one of the people speaking in favour of the mosque is an American muslim who regularly critisizes America re Iraq etc but fails to condemn the 9/11 attack.

I can certainly understand America’s ‘right wing’ going ballistic at the proposed mosque – that’s hardly a surprise – but, to maintain a balance, should the American muslims not be loudly condemning the attack?

Have they? Are they? If so it’s not getting much media coverage.

If they aren’t then they are their own worst enemies and, frankly, are guilty of winding up your ‘right wing’ and it should be winding you all up too.

American muslims – and all muslims living in the west should have – and still should – roundly and unequivacably condemn 9/11 and state categorically that it was not in Islam’s name.

If they do (and I won’t hold my breath) then the wind would quickly be removed from the right wings sails.

Condemn your right wing by all means but please ask the question.

Why aren’t muslims living in the west condemning 9/11 when they are so quick to condemn our illegal war in Afghanistan and Iraq?

Inquiring minds – well, allright, my mind, is curious for your views on my meanderings and my eventual question.

Muslims in the west need to realise that respect from us westerners requires respect from them.

Condemn our illegal wars and we’ll stand with you.

Fail to condemn 9/11 and, frankly, you don’t deserve your mosque.

Stella by Starlight
Reply to  fourdinners
13 years ago

4D, I’m worried about us, too. Media coverage? The Bushies censored media coverage in Iraq. Censorship would come as no surprize to me. There is no force more dangerous than fanaticism. I hardly recognize the America in which I grew up. Civility is eroding and Even California is in danger of losing seats to the teabagger wingnuts.

13 years ago

George Bush kisses these guys and FOX News and friends say you and I hate America Teeluck.

Kitty Kelly would have a field day thinking up innuendo about these jokers.

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