Muzings From The Edge: Amos The Infamous

Then What percentage have been caused by gays compared to dumbass decisions by Presidents, Generals, Colonels, Captains, Lieutenants, or Sergeants

Microwaves, the Death of Society

Do you really know how dangerous Microwaves can be?

Mithra’s Christmas

December is a time of good will and holiday cheer for most reasonable Americans, and yet some nay-Sayers insist on sabotaging my right to enjoy it.

Welcome to John Myste

Welcome to a new writer at MMA, John Myste from Texas.

Fox News boss tells reporters to lie about climate change evidence

The managing editor of Fox News instructed staff to cover up the significant scientific evidence that confirms global warming.

WikiLeaks in a nutshell

If you were ever confused by the WikiLeaks scandal? This clears it all up.

Troops to leave Afghanistan by July 2011

Thanks to the president’s far reaching war strategy the United States is preparing to begin withdrawing their troops from Afghanistan as early as July.

Tom Waits no longer – Hall of Fame beckons

Tom Waits makes it to the Rock and Roll Hall of fame at the first attempt.

More hi-jinks from the Jolly Crew at the Catfood Commission!

Our economic crisis has many causes, none of which are government efforts to help the poor.

December 21- Full Moon, Winter Solstice, Total Lunar Eclipse

If you can keep your eyes open and you are fortunate enough to have clear skies, the moon and the sun are putting on a show just for you, on December 21.

Sweden’s Hypocritical Pursuit of Assange Is one big Joke

So is this about Sweden or the Wikileaks clown? Click the link to “Read Full Article” and find out.