Six billion birds grounded

The Department of Homeland Security has responded with lightening speed and common sense, as usual.

New edition of ‘Huckleberry Finn’ will have no ‘N’ word

An English professor at Auburn University in Alabama, is trying to ‘improve’ on an American Classic, or should that be ‘censor.’

Pope Shenouda III pleads for Egypt’s Christians

Head of the Coptic Christians of Egypt, Pope Shenouda III steps onto the world stage.

Witchcraft becomes legal profession in Romania

Need the services of a professional Witch and not one of those fake amateurs? Take a trip to Romania.

NASA scientists call “2012” most absurd sci-fi movie of all time

NASA scientists and the Science and Entertainment Exchange come up with a few science fiction movies they like and a few they don’t like.

Oddball interview questions of 2010 – and the companies that asked them

Are these dumb questions, or are they so clever, they just appear to be dumb?

10 year old blows Mommy away

So why would a 10 year old child smoke his own mom? Read the full article to find out.