The Lawyer and The Engineer: Jamaican Jimjam

The Lawyer and The Engineer: A Blog Odyssey. The mission–drawing clarity from the opaque, shining light unto the darkness, confronting ignorance with brilliance, and strangling boredom with competent absurdity and critique of postmodern interpretive dance.

Celebrity Circus, Golden Edition: All Hail Ricky Gervais

The Golden Globes and other ridicule-worthy things in showbiz news.

It’s Football People! Get Your Priorities Straight

Going through the articles at MadMike’s the last couple days has made me question the priorities of many of our contributors and commenters.

Blackbirds killed by USDA for pooping on crops

Anyone who has ever parked under the wrong tree can attest to the fact that large flocks of birds can be a nuisance, and cause economic damage.

Todd Palin sex scandal with prostitute

Everybody believes the National Enquirer right? Especially on this story.

With health care repealed GOP moves to destroy Clean Air Act

The Republicans don’t want anything good for the American people. They want what is good for their corporate benefactors and that isn’t clean air and water. Read this story.

Packer vs. Bears – NFL’s most played series

In Chicago this weekend, two storied teams go for a spot in the Superbowl – Packers vs Bears

Jurors in Capital Case Caught Practicing without a License

After committing a double homicide, O.J. Simpson was set free under the aegis of reasonable doubt. More than fifteen years later, the jury that freed him is still held in contempt in the hearts of most Americans, who fail to recognize that jury’s doubts are nothing if not reasonable.

Man killed by his own cock!

A man was killed by his own cock recently during a fowl confrontation. Read the fascinating story.

Staying up all night will cost you!!

Working hard to get that dissertation done, or that portrait you’re painting of your mother-in-law? How about that book that you just can’t “put down?” Well staying up all night may cost you. Read the story.

Can sleeping with your pet kill you?

I’ve slept with dogs for years, the four legged kind of course, and to my knowledge I haven’t gotten sick, but you never know do you? Enjoy this story.