Real personalities emerge during Snowpocalypse

Nothing like two blizzards in as many weeks to get to know your family as well as you’d ever want to. Tempers are short and minds are dull after being in forced confinement with a snarky pre-teen, a half-deaf 6 year old, 7 cats, and a chihuahua.

FLASH NEWS: Mubarak will NOT step down-Protesters march on palace

Hosni Mubarak ain’t goin’ anywhere……Read the story.

Mubarak: He’s going…He’s staying…VP taking over…Army taking over

What’s happening in Egypt? Ask anyone and they will tell you except they won’t know for sure. Read the little update.

Obama wants to cut LIHEAP, energy assistance to the poor

Isn’t that a quaint idea?

Patriot Act vote fails in the House

Wow wee, I didn’t see this coming. Not all the Teabaggers stood with their brethren, the Party of No, on a vote to renew three provisions of the civil rights busting law, the Patriot Act.

Breaking news: Mubarak to step down tonight!

Egypt’s Hosni Mubarak will step down tonight. Full story inside.

Chicago rescuer could hear the ice cracking and the dogs crying

Once in a while a great story crosses my desk and this is one of them. Enjoy and please don’t forget to comment and click the Google Ads before you jump away.

NASA keeping sharp eye on killer asteroid-May strike earth in 2036

This isn’t something from science fiction writers or Hollywood movie makers. This could be a real threat and it’s not something which could happen in a hundred years. The Christians are delirious with joy. Read this frightening story.

Freshmen Republicans whining about high cost of health insurance

The pompous clowns who were just elected to Congress decided they wouldn’t take the federal health care that goes with the job until they found out how much health insurance in the private sector really cost. Now their weeping and gnashing of teeth can be heard in Sheboygan! Read the story for more….

Rabid Republicans vow to slash budget of EPA

These crazy Republicans are looking to turn back the clock to a time when pollution was commonplace in America. Read this scary story.

Anthony Borgese-Soprano’s “Little Pussy” guilty of extortion

The Soprano’s “Little Pussy” pleads guilty to extortion. Who would have thought he was really mobbed up? Read the story.