Universal Religious Symbol – The Crazy Watering Can

Tell your believer friends about this new symbol of religious togetherness. The Crazy Watering Can.

Humans killing ocean life at alarming rate

We are killing our world faster than even the most pessimistic could have predicted. Read this frightening prediction from the world’s scientists.

Poetry: I heard the cry of lightning

A magical and captivating poem from ChangefulStorm, Neva Flores.

Fighting politicians ask God to mediate

Instead of punching each others lights out, two politicians turn to a God to mediate a dispute.

Stonehenge has it’s day in the sun

Summer is here and today at Stonehenge, age old celebrations continued.

Thanks hard left – Republicans to win in 2012

Milton thinks the hard left is great for his Republican party’s chances in 2012.

Dating Site Rejects Ugly People

In the world today love is all about beauty, as is life. That is sad but true and if you want proof read the story right here…

Neil Diamond, God, the Bomb, and Ronald F*cking Reagan

God gets it wrong a lot and he sure got it wrong yesterday. Like I always say” don’t listen to God but always listen to Neil Diamond!