Global warming crashing world food supply

global warming threatens food supply

No matter what the Republicans say global warming is having an effect on food supplies

According to Newsweek, climate change is already making its presence known throughout the world, with over 1, 0000 tornadoes in the United States, 15, 000 dead in Russia due to extreme heat, Alaskan villages underwater as the permafrost is no longer permanent, widespread flooding, and now, signs that agriculture is failing and food supplies are starting to diminish.

The United States has ignored the fact that carbon emissions have warmed the atmosphere beyond recovery, and in less than 20 years, California is expected to be an arid land, with their citrus crop replaced by olive trees.  We are significantly lagging when it comes to being prepared for the inevitable climate nightmare that is now just around the corner.  Big oil and big coal, owners of so many politicians, Republicans and Democrats alike, have spread messages opposing the global warming concept, out of fear that measures would be taken to harm their profits by enacting restrictive legislation.

U.S. 20 years behind rest of world in preparing for climate crisis

A number of states are now starting to take notice by at least talking about what might need to be done to combat the impending crisis.  Our relatively stable climate of the last 25K years is at an end.  New York is in the early planning stages for creating a Venice like canal system in Southern Manhattan because of the certain increase in sea levels.  This is just one example, and while 16 states are getting ready, the other 36 are doing nothing but hoping this is all a bad dream.  It is not.  In 20 years millions of people will be displaced and migrating inland, away from the flooded coasts, and those interior states will have to be ready for them.

Finally, available food, life itself for all of us, is going to be significantly limited with rising prices already being seen, and prices expected to double and triple over the next few years.

In conclusion, I am not a “sky is falling” adherent, but I am a realist who believes in the science.  As an atheist I don’t believe that Jesus is going to be helping out, nor do I think our politicians will do much more than fight with each other.  It’s time to make our own plan, and we should be making it now.  The beast is coming closer and closer and there are no silver bullets with which to stop it.

The Green Revolution that saw farm production soar after the 1940s has come to an end, and with population pressures now surging ahead of food production and increasing damage caused by global warming, humanity is in danger of major new food shortages, reports the New York Times in a lengthy report. Scientists originally thought that global warming would not endanger the world’s food supply until around 2080, but new data suggest it is already hurting crops, as weather patterns have wreaked havoc for several years now. “There’s just such a tremendous disconnect, with people not understanding the highly dangerous situation we are in,” said one researcher in Mexico.

As food supplies are pushed to the limit, prices have grown more volatile, increasing world hunger to as many as 940 million people. “The success of agriculture has been astounding,” said a NASA researcher. “But I think there’s starting to be premonitions that it may not continue forever.” There are signs of hope, as new crops and new irrigation techniques are making more land available for farming, from Mexico to India, but new technologies take time. “There are biological limitations on how fast we can do this work,” said a scientist. “If we don’t get started now, we are going to be in serious trouble.”

What do you think?  Do you believe, as do the Republicans, that climate changes in little more than a liberal myth?  Have you noticed the price you pay for food going up?

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6 Responses to Global warming crashing world food supply

  1. Bob Reply

    June 6, 2011 at 10:04 am

    Not so fast on this global warming stuff. It IS a big hoax, yoiu know? see:

    • A Michael J. Scott Reply

      June 6, 2011 at 10:12 am

      It is not a hoax and no amount of right wing websites will convince 99% of the world’s scientists that they are wrong.

      • Eddie Reply

        June 6, 2011 at 11:02 am

        They are the equivalent of the people thinking vaccines are a big PHARMA conspiracy to create a generation of autistic children or something. Fortunately, as vaccination rates decline and international travel increases, the diseases that we once thought to be ancient history will whip them out and they will win a mass Darwin Award. Unfortunately, none of us can escape global warming.

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