The Terrible Tale of the Tiny Hum: English Village Under Attack

hum in english village

Hum Haunts English

Residents of Woodland, in County Durham, claim that every night a noise permeates the air similar to the throb of a car engine.

It is sometimes so strong that it even shakes the bed of one of the householders.

They’ve shut off the electricity. There are no factories or busy intersections, and still the English village of Woodland remains at a loss regarding the mysterious “hum” that has plagued the small town from midnight to 4am each night for nearly two months. Residents describe this hum as a vibration similar to the whir of a car engine, reports the Telegraph; one says it’s so strong at times that it shakes bed frames. “It’s not tinnitus, that’s a high pitched sound and this is very low,” one resident explains. “If I put my fingers in my ears it stops, so I know it’s not in my head.”

“In certain areas of the house you can hear it more loudly,” she continues. “It is definitely from outside, it’s in the air, all around, very faint.” The 300-person town isn’t the first to experience “the hum.” In the ‘70s, thousands in Bristol suffered nosebleeds, sleeplessness, and headaches from what they described as a similar rumble. Eventually Bristol’s hum subsided, but it has never been explained—though it was featured on the X-Files.

What do you think about this weird phenomenon?  Could live with a constant “hum?”

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2 Responses to The Terrible Tale of the Tiny Hum: English Village Under Attack

  1. Sagacious Hillbilly

    June 18, 2011 at 11:46 am

    I live with constant multiple tones. Tinnitis is all around me. What they describe would just be that low pitched hum that sometimes kicks in and distracts me from the high pitched sounds.

  2. Stella by Starlight

    June 19, 2011 at 4:43 am

    Does Pete Townshend live here…?

    Bro, that picture looks familiar…. hrumph! I’ve got weekends now to blog because Trophy Husband is brining home his computer.