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Update: Teen Killed Trying to Save Dog: What You Can Do

Update: Teen Killed Trying to Save Dog

As MMA reported a few days ago, a family in the Chicago area recently suffered unspeakable loss in the passing of their 15-year-old daughter, Taylor Stinchcomb, as the result of a rollover accident. Taylor, an animal lover, had learned that her Doberman, Romulus, was diagnosed with cancer, and was distraught that he might be euthanized.

Upset, Taylor and a friend took off in her parents’ minivan with the ill dog. Her friend took the wheel when Taylor was too emotional to drive, but lost control of the vehicle. Both Taylor and Romulus were killed in the crash.

There are some tragedies that are too great to fathom, and I was moved by this story, as I’m sure were many of our readers. In thinking about what might be done to show support for the victim’s loved ones during this difficult time, I reached out to ask whether there is any charity particularly significant to her family. They identified the shelter from which Romulus had been adopted.

I know there are a lot of animal lovers out there, and wanted to share this information with the community in case they were moved to contribute. If you are interested in making a donation in memory of the victim and her furry friend, you can do so at Safe Harbor Humane Society. When given the chance to review your donation, you have the opportunity to add “special instructions to the seller”–consider including the message “In memory of Taylor Stinchcomb and Romulus.”

Let’s see what kind of show of support we can make for the family during this difficult time, and help our furry friends at the same time.

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10 years ago

I’m in!

10 years ago

Thanks GL I’ll see what I can do.