Extreme winds force waterfall to flow upwards

Severe winds and snow in

south-eastern Australia

video of waterfall flowing upwards

It is mid-winter in Australia right now and in the south-eastern parts of the country they are experiencing some extreme weather. Winter can be benign, even in the south of Australia, but not this year. Severe winds and snow are handing Australians a dose of the br-r-r-rs. A waterfall in New South Wales gave the appearance of flowing upwards as the state was battered by high winds. Further south and west blizzard conditions are bringing chaos, especially to the areas that rarely see snow.

Australia is by no means an alpine nation, but it does have some high country and ski resorts. Some years snow can be in short supply but this year the bad weather for most people will be good for the ski resorts, they are reporting record snowfalls. Climate change is in our imaginations, right?

waterfall flow upwards videoThe Australia capital of Canberra today

Editorial note – In Australia the further south you travel the colder it gets. The retirees head north for the winter.

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  1. The Lawyer Reply

    July 21, 2011 at 5:17 pm

    I’d like to be in Canberra about right now.

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