Hate Crimes – Think they don’t happen anymore?

Hate crimes are a sad fact of

American life

If you think we have come a long way from slavery, you are right. But if you think we have come a long way from hate, think again. The problem I have with this incident, besides the obvious, is the fact that it was coldly planned and yet completely random. These monsters planned to beat the first black person they found, no regard to age or gender, and they very casually carried out that plan, what happened after that was a last minute ‘brilliant’ idea, I’m sure. Kind of the icing on the cake.

Where do these people come from? They pick up things they hear at home, the casual N-word dropped at dinner or while watching TV. The veiled remarks about poor people or staying out of certain neighborhoods. They hear it spewing forth from TV sets. These people are trained by innuendo, implication, hint, suggestion-all the worse because that let’s imagination run wild. They are fed the idea that white makes right and that somehow they have been cheated out of their ‘birthright’.

They are encouraged by family and neighbors steeped in the traditions of a fallen and shameful past, encouraged by the unthinking vitriol vomited from the mouths of TV personalities who have a patina of self-righteousness but in reality are whores to whatever produces a ratings bump and they are enabled by those that stand and do or say nothing. When will this sad country ever get past the barrier of color? I sometimes fear we never will.

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