Top 5 kinkiest cities in America

Kinky is in the eye of the beholder so behold the top 5 kinkiest cities in America

top 5 kinkiest cities in America

Lots of qualities might make a city kinky: strip clubs per capita, average sexual satisfaction, or even a lack of anything better to do. Take a look at five of America’s dirtiest cities, as rounded up by

  1. Roselawn, Ind: Home to family-friendly nudist resort Ponderosa Sun Club, where activities range from comparatively G-rated stuff like naked chili cookoffs to their annual “Nudes-A-Poppin'” porn star pageant.
  1. New Orleans: In addition to Mardi Gras debauchery, the Big Easy hosts a 300,000-strong week-long party known as Gay Mardi Gras.
  2. Las Vegas: Come on, the place is called Sin City. If you’re looking for swingers clubs, fetish balls, dungeon parties, or the like, Vegas has you covered.
  3. Hurley, Wisc.: It may sound like Nowheresville, but it was once famous for rejecting Prohibition. Today, there are six strip clubs and only 1,547 residents—one for every 238 people!
  4. Atlanta: Only in Hotlanta can you watch a porno in a public movie theater, visit an all-nude male strip club, and get a lap dance from legendary septuagenarian strippers. Atlanta couples report 80% sexual satisfaction, according to a Trojan survey.

Think your city is pretty kinky, too? Take a look at the rest of the list here.

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