The Cow That Captured Germany… and the World

Yvonne the Cow eludes search teams

PETA reports that Yvonne is just an average cow who doesn’t want to be slaughtered

Straight out of the awwwww files. Once bound for the slaughterhouse, Yvonne the cow escaped, eluding search teams, police, an animal sanctuary, and even a helicopter equipped with a thermal camera, PETA reported. As the canny cow eludes her would-be captors, her search has generated international attention. German radio is broadcasting a song dedicated to her: Don’t let them take your freedom.

The cow, named Yvonne, was shipped from Austria to her new owner in Aschau, Bavaria, on May 24. She bravely fought her way through an electrified fence and escaped into the woods. The Local, Germany’s News in English, reported Michael Aufhauser said he had bought Yvonne for €700 ($1,005.71) from her owner. Her previous owner planned to slaughter her, but Aufhauser wants to take her to an animal reserve where she will be able to live out her days in peace.

Yvonne the cow has successfully hid in the woods since sometime in April 2011 after she ran away from a Bavarian farm. Farmers were fattening her for slaughter.

Authorities issued an order to shoot Yvonne on sight after she jumped in front of a police car. Some speculate that Yvonne took this drastic measure to avoid capture. The incident was the only sighting of the 1,500 lb animal, which occurred a few days after she ran off. They were forced to rescind their order after animal rights activists called the public’s attention to her plight. Germany’s biggest-selling newspaper, Bild, has offered a €10,000 ($14,375.46) reward on its front page for anyone who helps find Yvonne.

Yvonne the cow evades capture

The brainy bovine generated so much international interest, supporters created a Facebook page for her. Currently, she has over 1,000 subscribers. Ms. Cow’s Facebook page include comments such as, Seriously, a cow has out ran, out hid and out smarted the police. Thats hilarious!!!! Run Yvonne, run!!! and Yvonne, just in case you are trying to jump a tramp steamer to America, the cows really are not that happy in California. No matter what the ads say. One fan applauded the cow’s escape, calling her a brave bovine

The Bavarian farm may not consider the clever cow fodder any longer. Reports indicate Yvonne the cow is becoming painfully thin. Supporters are worried about Yvonne and want information leading to her apprehension for her own good. If Yvonne the cow gets captured now, she will spend her retirement years at the Gut Aiderbichl Animal Sanctuary with her sister Waltraud and a former stall-mate, a calf named Waldi, both of whom were saved from the same farm from which Yvonne escaped. Yvonne reportedly visited Waltraud under the cover of darkness on last Thursday night, disappeared into the woods again before her would-be rescuers could capture her.

The sanctuary that paid €700 ($988) to purchase Yvonne is currently combing the area with all-terrain vehicles to find her. As yet, Hans Wintersteller, manager of the sanctuary near Salzburg, Austria said efforts are not yet successful. After all, she has had a calf herself. We’ll keep trying, said

PETA Germany is speaking to numerous reporters about Yvonne. Representatives note that she is no different from any cow: they are all self-aware enough to value their lives rather than suffer and die.

Is meat really murder? Does the plight of Yvonne the cow, and all cows, prove the mammals are self-aware?

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  1. Holte Ender Reply

    August 22, 2011 at 11:01 pm

    That’s a great cow story, and that’s a rarity. I hope Yvonne gets to live a long life, she should be able to feed herself the grass is pretty green this time of year.

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