GOP Candidates: What is Truth?

I would like to hear GOP candidates explain their endless great flip-flops, but could we believe their explanations?

Adam Dunn: The baseball player who made the greatest impact

Who had the greatest impact in baseball this year? Adam Dunn of the Chicago White Sox!

Critter talk: No dogs in the back of pickups

The cruel practice of transporting unrestrained dogs in low-sided pickup truck beds has been banned in only a handful of states. Read more about it here.

Einstein’s formula: E = MC2 could be bullsh*t

It’s true lads- the world of science may be turned on its head as the geeks twist that old Einstein in his grave with a new observation about the eternal formula: E + MC2

10 purr-fect tips for making your cats happy!

It’s important that we keep our critters happy and healthy, and that includes our cats. Although I’m an infamous dog lover I also have an abiding affection for our clawing, purring and sometimes spitting felines.

Troy Davis: It Just Feels Right

Troy Davis was executed for a crime he may have committed. Georgia governor Nathan Deal is fine with it. The Supreme Court of the United States has enough precedent to mechanically allow it. He was, after all, convicted with due processes. He already had his day in court. The system is working as designed, so justice was done, right?

GOP Union busting: Shut down U.S. Postal Service

The Postal Service has been under constant, vicious assault for years from the right, who views this as an epic battle with the goal of finally taking down the strongest union in the country.

Muzings From The Edge: Is Capital Punishment A Capital Crime?

What started out as a long comment has turned into a rather long post thanks to the encouragement of Dorothy and Mike. It is the comment with modifications about only one of the faults of the capital punishment process.

Homosexuality In Texas…

In German class there should be no talk of being pro-Gay or homosexual topics…

West Hollywood Bans Fur

Animal friendly West Hollywood, California, bans sales of fur.