Cop killings increase as crime decreases in the U.S.

The Thin Blue Line is getting thinner as murderers stalk the nation’s cops

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Crime rates are falling all across the US—so why are more police officers dying? That’s “the million-dollar question, and we’re all studying it and trying to figure it out,” the chief of the LAPD tells the Wall Street Journal. This year has seen 130 cops die already nationwide—a 15% jump from the same period in 2010. Fifty-three have been shot, making this the first year more officers have died in shootings than in traffic accidents.

The key is that while violent crime on a whole is down, attacks specifically targeting officers are up. In LA, for example, violent crime has fallen 35% since 2005, yet officers have been assaulted with deadly weapons 130 times this year, a 29% jump from 2010. The LA chief thinks that’s because more policing is happening “at the point of the spear,” meaning officers are confronting criminals during crimes, rather than after them.

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One Response to Cop killings increase as crime decreases in the U.S.

  1. lazersedge Reply

    September 10, 2011 at 9:30 am

    Mike, it may well be that technology is getting ahead of physical capabilities. What I mean by that is that more and more people and businesses have alarms and cameras and the communications systems of police departments have gotten better but police departments have not improved their training, equipment, or manpower at the same rate. There are more departments using more single officer units now than in the past and there are more guns on the streets than ever before. One final thing is that the police are the only face of government that most people that most people ever see and there is a great deal deal of anger and frustration with the government with the government these days.

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