Rick Perry’s prosperous and preposterous Texans dump pet donkeys

Fat Cat Texans abandon their animals so they can buy better cars and be just like Rick Perry and Jesus

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In Texas guns and God rule while critters take a back seat as evidenced by this shameful story:

Cash-strapped donkey owners in Texas are abandoning the animals in record numbers, creating a headache for authorities and a devoted group of donkey rescuers, the Houston Chronicle reports. Authorities say dire drought and high feed costs are making donkeys, like horses, much harder to keep. “Donkey rescues have gone through the roof,” says Mark Meyers, the head of Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue, which has taken in some 500 donkeys since March.

Another problem: People buy donkeys thinking they will be fun but don’t realize the costs involved, one expert says. A single bale of hay can cost $125, double last year’s price, and long-term donkey care runs around $1,000. Now many owners can’t draw an auction price that pays for the blood test required for sale. “You can’t sell them or give them away and you can’t feed them, so you’re stuck,” Meyers says. “They’re just releasing them on someone else’s property.”

Rick Perry says that Texans need to hold their guns with both hands while enjoying a National Prayer Day, one he would enact if elected president of the United States.  What would he do if our animals were threatened?  Well look to your own state of Texas Rick Perry!

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One Response to Rick Perry’s prosperous and preposterous Texans dump pet donkeys

  1. cat42

    September 12, 2011 at 2:05 pm

    I used to live in Texas and there are some really nice people there but there are also a lot of nuts, but maybe that’s the case everywhere? Poor donkeys anyway. They can be really sweet.