Canada restaurant bans peeing standing up

So it’s not exactly a ban in the proper sense, but there is apparently a restaurant in Canada with signs in the restroom instructing its male occupants not to stand up when they pee — presumably because they’re sick of cleaning up the aftermath of terrible aim. (You know who you are.)

Now, to be fair about the peeing, this was a unisex bathroom and there was no mention of urinals. Blogger Chad Skelton, who first reported the strange sign, wrote, “In Edible Canada’s case, where men and women have to share toilets, I can see why they’d be interested in reducing behaviors that might make things messy.”

But he immediately adds, “Still, isn’t banning stand-up peeing a little extreme? Not to mention, as far as I can tell, completely unenforceable?” And unless Edible Canada wants to hire someone to look under the stalls to watch the direction of occupants’ feet, Skelton is right.

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