I Believe in Mama Bears

Don’t poke the bears. Especially, don’t poke the mama bear’s cubs. Duh.

I love this forum. It is open to all of you/me with political passions/aspirations/vendettas/bad moods… period. I love it. That is also why I like to bring a bit of real life momism’s and such to the group. I write for a local, socialite section, but they don’t appear to admire and approve of my real world thinking as this group does… so for that, I thank you…. now, as Alfred Hitchcock said… ‘Good evening.’ – and on with the story.

If you aren’t bored to tears with my history by now, let me take two more seconds… child psychologist here…. there… done.

 I am also, however, a mom….

There is a sweet 18 year old girl that I know that recently used 4000 bucks of her own money for ear surgery… to pin her ears back…. she was teased relentlessly through school, and came of age that she spent her money as she wished. Yes, that is my daughter, and yes, I feel like crap.

Regardless, single mom-hood dictated food and shelter before cosmetic surgery, and so I failed… now, she is good…. cute as hell, and good.

In my practice this week, I have encountered mama bear syndrome… those that try like hell to protect their cubs, but are met with not only resistance, but those that are incapable of having empathetic thoughts. I have had 2 fourteen year old boys that are bullied to the point of wanting to kill themselves. What in the heck is going on in our world that makes this an option? It is easier to end the bullying through ‘ending’ the existence than it is to step up to the plate and knock the shit out of a kid that deserves it. Wow… hope I didn’t lose someone for my candor.

These mama bears are willing to fight like hell to beat the bully syndrome. They came to me, and I went to the school. The school said, ‘we have an anti-bully policy’ — what does that mean? They were like, ‘ uhhhh, well, we just don’t allow it…’ … I’m like, “yea, sweet, because it happened yesterday…” Now, I am scheduled to go before two school districts and present an anti-bullying campaign. Frustration is a key element because whatever is said needs to be applied.

I’d like to hear your thoughts/stories before I move forward….. I’m just one Texas chic in a small area….. if you make fun of my daughter’s big ears, I want to kick your ass… if you make fun of my son’s skinny body, I want to kick your ass…. if you even hint that Emma is round… we are on….

Help me out here. Not only do I need to know some limits, but I need to know stipulations.

Cheers to Mad’s Mike for letting me vent rather than solve the world’s problems on a sweet little community site.

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4 Responses to I Believe in Mama Bears

  1. Dorothy Anderson

    October 16, 2011 at 1:54 pm

    You succeeded, Tamra. Your daughter had a goal and worked to accomplish it. That’s a damn successful mom.

    Knocking the shit out of bullies could do them some good, as well as those who are bullied.

    I’ve learned so much from Bobby Hill… the only person he couldn’t bully was his mom.

  2. Jess

    October 16, 2011 at 2:39 pm

    If all else fails in getting the schools to adopt some form of anti bullying thing, there is always the threat of litigation and that sometimes lights a fire under the ass to get it done. Well that and letting people know it’s happening, where you get many asking the question why is nothing being done about this.

  3. Marsha Woerner

    October 16, 2011 at 5:40 pm

    I have absolutely nothing useful to share; my kids are, fortunately, not bullied (as I was 🙁
    So all I have to say is –
    There is absolutely NO excuse for bullying!

  4. Michael John Scott

    October 16, 2011 at 10:08 pm

    Bullying is one of the worst behaviors facing school administrators and parents.