Moderate Republican Huntsman too far to middle for extreme right majority

Republican Huntsman is too extremely moderate for the modern Republican party, and despite his authenticity and experience is doomed to fail.

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The Republican nominating process, “controlled by the religious warriors and anti-government agitators who dominate straw polls, has reached its logical conclusion,” writes Dana Milbank of theWashington Post: A former pizza exec who “likes to joke about electrocuting illegal immigrants” and has no government credentials is topping the polls, while Jon Huntsman, a former governor and ambassador, is an afterthought. “It’s a new world,” an only-a-little-bitter Huntsman tells Milbank. “You throw out anyone with any connection to real-world experience in government.”

Huntsman is going all-in on New Hampshire—what he calls a “Vegas move”—in a last, desperate fight for the political center, banking on a state where only a third of primary voters are to the far right. Of course, with his campaign out of money and national polls putting him at 1% to 2%, it probably won’t work, but Milbank hopes it does. Because “a system that rejects a Jon Huntsman in favor of a Herman Cain isn’t a primary process,” he writes. “It is a primal scream.”

Madmikesamerica wants to know the last time you laid eyes on a moderate Republican, and would request that you take a photo of one to supply us as proof that they still exist.

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One Response to Moderate Republican Huntsman too far to middle for extreme right majority

  1. lazersedge

    October 20, 2011 at 6:42 pm

    Let’s face it, the problem with Huntsman is he can speak in monosyllables (he even knows what that means), he has an I.Q. on the plus side of 70, and he does fall for all the gimmicky crap the tea partiers like (you know, cheering about letting people die on the street or electrocuting immigrants from Mexico on barbed wire fences on the border.