Scientists claim Perry gang deleted climate change data from report

Rick Perry’s political appointees have sparked a new firestorm over climate change science in Texas, the Guardian reports.

Every single scientist behind a 200-page environmental report is demanding to have their name stricken from the document after state officials deleted references to climate change. “This is simply antithetical to what a scientist does,” says one. “We can’t be censored.”

Knowing that the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality chief doubts climate change science, the authors avoided mentioning its human causes. Yet officials still deleted references to sea-level rise, wetlands destruction, and climate change. The agency defended the changes, which are consistent with Perry’s rhetoric on the campaign trail. “Information was included in a report that we disagree with,” says a spokeswoman.  In a recent speech the president took a dig at Perry’s ludicrous stance on climate change and Mother Jones has more detail on the redacted document.

Do you agree that Rick Perry is closer to being a crook than a patriot and that is probably just the kind of guy the Tea Party wants to elect.

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