Senator condemns climate change deniers

A recent speech on AGW by Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) caught the attention of the blogosphere when his office uploaded it on You Tube.

Whitehouse reviews the basic science well known since the “greenhouse effect” was discovered in 1863 (explained in the 1955 textbook for “everyman” — “Our Amazing Atmosphere”) and warns that if we continue on the present trajectory, our grandchildren will live with an atmosphere that has 700 parts per million of carbon dioxide by 2100. Such concentrations have not been seen on earth in millions of years — in the past 800,000 it’s ranged from 170 to 300 ppm.

The senator ends with a passionate condemnation of Congress for “catastrophically failing” its “duty” to confront and act on the recommendations of “virtually all of our most prestigious scientific and academic institutions” and 97% of the qualified scientists publishing on climate and the environment, calling it “blameworthy” and deserving “the scorn and condemnation of history.”

This 23 minute video of the speech is worth watching:

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