Support Our Troops: We Have Addresses For CARE Packages!

As many people know, I started “Operation Boo One, You Boo Them All” in response to Captain Steve Snyder-Hill being booed at the October 11th Republican debate.

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My goal with the campaign was to send 500 CARE packages to Captain Hill’s unit. When I learned from Captain Hill that his unit was about to be redeployed, my dad offered to speak to a friend who is a retired general, and see if he could give any assistance. He couldn’t, so I emailed NOANIE, an online organization that had unit addresses that can be shared with the public. Then I waited. And waited. And this morning, I received this email:

Dear Erin,
     Here is the address to the Army Nat’l Guard also known as the “Witchdoctors”–this unit has 140 troops in it and anything being sent to trhem must be sent now as they will be leaving Iraq in January;
SGT Raymond St. Hilaire
C-Co., 3-126 AVN (aa)
APO  AE  09378
Here are few more units (larger size) that we currently have: this unit is aclled t
“The Outlaws” and they have 135 troops in it–here is their address:
SSG Jacob Mohn
D-Co., 2-227 TF LOBOS
Camp Marmal
APO  AE  09368
This next unit is called “The Gunslingers”–there are 102 troops in this unit:
SGT Robert J. Vila
1 BCT, 1 CD
APO  AE  09332
Here are few more addresses that have smaller numbers in the unit: This first unit does not have a nickname and there are 8 troops in it:
PFC William Semlar
HHB 3/16 FAR
2 ID, FOB Farah
APO  AE  09382
There are 3 troops in this next unit and no nickname:
Patrick DeForest
HHC/2-28 IN 172 SIB
APO  AE  09311
and your last unit there are 11 troops and no nickname:
Jesse Bitz
1-21 FA
Camp Alamo
APO  AE  09320
All of these units except for the Witchdoctors will be deployed thru June-July 2012. This means all packages need to be sent before May 2012. Thank you so much for all your help. This is a big undertaking and deserve a medal for trying to help the troops out!
If you can help, my goal is still 500 CARE packages. There are numerous websites that detail what should and should not go into a military CARE package, and even help with customs forms. Share these addresses with family, friends and co workers. And under your return address, please write “Boo One, You Boo Them All”. Thank you and HOORAH!
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2 Responses to Support Our Troops: We Have Addresses For CARE Packages!

  1. Jess

    October 19, 2011 at 2:44 pm

    Here are some suggestions of things that can go in a care package if you are so inclined. I donate through anysoldier(link below) myself, but I’ll see what I can do for your deal.

    • Erin Nanasi

      October 19, 2011 at 10:11 pm

      Jess-Thank you!! There are a ton of websites people have added to the Facebook page that give advice, and we listed Any Soldier, Cup Of Joe and others as well.