Cain: Ignorant, Vicious, and Paranoid?

Cain’s Latest “Brainstorm” is Accusing Liberals of Bigotry because of Sexual Harassment Allegations

The Liberal Lynching article about Cain in the Washington Post is bigotry. They do not cite Cain’s disassociation with geography, politics, foreign policy, or the allegations against him about his alleged sexual harassment.

I am fed up with hearing about Cain’s accusations that liberals and progressives are bigots. John Boehner said he’d endorse whoever Republican voters around the country will choose [as] a good candidate. And whatever candidate they choose, I’m going to support. Really? Even Herman Cain? Good luck with that, Mr. Spechless. I have a few quotes from Cain that show him utterly incompetent to be a CEO, let alone president.


Herman Cain and Sarah Palin


Let me be crystal clear in case anyone chooses to cite me as a bigoted progressive.

As concerns politicians’ sexual escapades, I don’t give a damn who’s sleeping with whom. I didn’t care when Clinton did it. If a Republican plays around, it’s none of my business, either. Just about every person in power screws around.

As Chrissie Hynde (from the Pretenders), stated the industry has always been both the enemy and the best friend of the artist. They need each other. That’s the bottom line. It’s also the bottom line with politicians. She also said that she could never understand why people consider public figures’ lives more important than their own.

Harassment is different. I believe Anita Hill because of the evidence against Thomas. I loathe Linda Tripp because she betrayed the confidence of a highly intelligent young woman—Monica Lewinsky—who trusted and confided in someone she believed she could trust.

Cain’s story is simply this: he sexually harassed women in the workplace and in situations related to business. Four women have come forward already with perhaps more to come.


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Sharon Bialek of Chicago became the first woman accusing Herman Cain of sexual harassment to go public Monday, describing an alleged incident in Washington in 1997 in which the presidential contender, then the president of the National Restaurant Association stuck his hand up her skirt and tried to pull her head toward his crotch.

“I said, ‘What are you doing?'” alleged Bialek, who said she had contacted Cain for help getting a job. “You know I have a boyfriend. This isn’t what I came here for.”

According to Bialek, Cain answered, “You want a job, right?”

Bialek said she’s speaking out against sexual harassment, not just for herself and the three other women who accuse Cain of inappropriate sexual conduct, but for all women who are afraid to speak publicly about sexual harassment in the workplace for fear of retaliation.

I worked in a department store at 16, and my boss cornered me in the linens area. I, terrified, was able to get away from him and went home. I told my dad.

My dad went and went to the story and gave him a “talking.” I did not return to my job. Most women under the same circumstances in the workplace don’t have that luxury.

In an article by The Washington Times entitled “The liberal lynching of Herman Cain,” the following quote appears:

Liberals are determined to destroy Herman Cain. The Republican presidential candidate is tied or ahead of the presumptive front-runner, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney. He has been running an anti-establishment, insurgent campaign that champions sweeping tax reform and a pro-growth agenda. He is a Southern populist who touts his private-sector experience. He also is an authentic black conservative. For this, he is being politically lynched by liberals in the media. All that’s missing is the noose and the tree.


The latest assault, however, is the allegation that Mr. Cain sexually harassed two female employees while he was president of the National Restaurant Association (NRA) during the 1990s. The story was first published in Politico, a left-leaning news website. Politico claimed that Mr. Cain was accused of engaging in “sexually suggestive behavior” that made the women feel “uncomfortable” or “awkward.” The story said the NRA reached a separation agreement with the women and that one accepted a “five-figure” settlement. Both signed a confidentiality clause. Hence, the women remain anonymous, and the exact nature of the alleged harassment is still murky. Apparently, a third woman has come forward anonymously as well. The media report that one of the complaints accused Mr. Cain of inviting a female subordinate at an event-sponsored conference to go up to his “corporate suite.” So far, there is no conclusive proof that he sexually harassed his subordinates.

The sexual harassment issue now concerns four female employees. According to Cain, all of them wrong.

What the article doesn’t address is how conservatives treat President Obama. Or that Clarence Thomas also used the “lynching” card during his Senate hearings to be appointed Supreme Court Justice. It would Bush Sr. could not look past Thomas’ race and recognize that he was replacing one of the greatest Supreme Court Justices in American history, Thurgood Marshall.

So, the latest conservative political “brainstorm” is accusing liberals of bigotry when they point out allegations of sexual harassment as some sort of progressive plot. They fail to cite Cain’s disassociation with geography, politics, or foreign policy.

Conservatives constantly tout Cain’s position as an excellent businessman. I’m not impressed. California had a successful businessman for governor—Ah-nold. That worked well: the state’s unemployment rate is the second highest in America.

As a liberal, progressive, and (GASP!) socialist, my opinion of Cain is that he is utterly clueless about critical matters of State of about which a president should be well aware. Here are just a few examples from Mr. Malapprop.

  • Cain told the Tolbert Report about the Occupy movement: Nobody knows what their cause is. I extend an invitation for the presidential hopeful to read the OWS Declaration of Independence.In a Wall Street Journal interview from early October, Cain said the protesters who don’t have jobs have no one to blame but themselves

    “I don’t have facts to back this up [unsurprisingly], but I happen to believe that these demonstrations are planned and orchestrated to distract from the failed policies of the Obama administration. Don’t blame Wall Street, don’t blame the big banks.

    “If you don’t have a job and you’re not rich, blame yourself! … It is not a person’s fault if they succeeded, it is a person’s fault if they failed.”

    Sure, Cain created jobs— most of them were minimum wage. If Cain does not receive the GOP nomination or win the presidency, I’ll look forward to writing him and tell him to blame himself that he failed.

  • Cain views China as a military threat because they’re trying to develop nuclear capability. The nation started testing nuclear weapons in 1964. If China is a threat, it’s economically, perhaps due to the Republican controlled Congress which created NAFTA and the Democratic president signed it. [I still haven’t forgiven Clinton.]
  • Cain said he would support Israel if Iran attacked. “[A]lthough we won’t have to use ground for this—submarines, ships, that would be strategically placed in that part of the world.”There is no ocean on Iran’s borders. The closest bodies of water are the Red Sea and the Persian gulf. Their military would first have to go pass Dubai, UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Bahrain. Iran also borders on the landlocked Caspian Sea.

    Who thinks a president should have a good grasp of world geography?

  • He asserted African-Americans are brainwashed into being liberals. Seriously—all African-Americans are brainwashed? He seems to feel justified in speaking for all African-Americans. Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t that opinion bigotry?
  • He said Paul is executing a deliberate strategy asking “the same stupid question, trying to nail him about the Federal Reserve.”Yes, the Federal Reserve is a private agency. A presidential candidate should not complain about these questions, but provide lucid, well-planned policies about relations between the government and the Federal Reserve.

    It would seem Cain cannot do so.

  • Let’s consider his crazy cowboy ad and his creepy smile at the end of it—and does anyone really know [or care] who this “actor” is.

  • Cain stated if he were president, he’d build an “electrified” 20-foot high US-Mexico border fence with a sign displayed “that says it will kill you.” This statement implicitly indicates that Cain advocates killing people.From what I understand, these signs would have been printed in English.

    At a campaign stop Monday in Arizona, Cain appeared with Sherriff Joe, an aggressive anti-immigration proponent. Cain said, It was a joke. I apologize if I offended anyone. Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea culpa..

    A joke? Ha, ha. Let’s consider the bright spot in his statement: With one sentence, he’s alienated the critical Hispanic voter base in this country. Keep up the good work, Cain.

  • About that 9-9-9, appropriated from a Wells Fargo bank clerk, who stole the idea from SimCity? The plan has been shredded by economists on the left and the right. He recently announced a 9-0-9 plan. Did that come from Grand Theft Auto or a Beatles’ song?
  • Ubeki-beki-stan?

Here’s one of my favorite Cainisms:

“I’m pro-life.”

Any exceptions, like in cases of incest or rape? Life of the mother?

“Those are statistically so small as not to really count. No. No exceptions.”

If it were your granddaughter?

“Comparing apples and oranges.”

How so?

“Just is. The government has no place in this kind of decision.”

But that’s a pro-choice stance.

“Is not. I am pro-life. End of story.”

For more on Cain, please visit Soda Head.

I still haven’t seen his birth certificate. Is Cain an American citizen? Well, anyone has the right to run for president. It’s a free country.

For now.


George Orwell 1984


Do you have any other examples of Cain-isms?

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One Response to Cain: Ignorant, Vicious, and Paranoid?

  1. lazersedge

    November 10, 2011 at 4:16 am

    Nope Dorothy, I think you covered them all. Although I did make a joke today to a female friend about how everyone jump all over Tiger Woods the minute it was suggested that had sleep with another woman but everyone is running to Cain’s defense. She looked at me like I was stupid and said, “Tiger Woods wouldn’t have to sexually harass women. He was nice looking, had a good personality, Herman Cain on the other hand is an ugly old man with no personality.”