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Silvio Berlusconi expected to resign as Italy’s prime minister

Silvio Berlusconi, Italy’s horn-dog prime minister, may be stepping down soon.

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Italy’s wild-man prime minister is rumored to be stepping down as his staff defects from his administration.  Though Italy, and the world, will be better off without the most over-sexed leader Italy has ever seen since Caligula, material for comedians will suffer like when George W. Bush’s presidency came to an end.  Here’s the story from Newsr.

After barely surviving aconfidence vote last month, Silvio Berlusconi may be poised to step down as Italy’s prime minister as soon as today, at least according to two journalists. “That Silvio Berlusconi is about to resign is clear. It is a question of hours, some say of minutes,” says an editor with close ties to the PM. But a senior lawmaker close to Berlusconi says it isn’t so: “I spoke to the prime minister a short time ago and he told me the rumors of his resignation were baseless.” Facing record-breaking borrowing costs amid Europe’s debt crisis, Berlusconi is meeting with his family and the head of Italy’s top TV broadcaster today to make a decision, insiders tell the Wall Street Journal.

Alternatively, he could head to Parliament tomorrow to face a budget vote. But the vote could prove his majority is a thing of the past, and members of his crumbling party are encouraging him to resign,Businessweek notes. Three former allies have left his coalition since last week, with a dozen more poised to head for the door. “Berlusconi may still be in office, but he has not been in power for some time,” says an analyst. “He no longer administers.” Markets jumped on the news of the PM’s possible exit.

It was just reported that while world leaders where busy discussing how to bail out Italy from its financial woes at the G20 Summit, Berlusconi who was in attendance, had to twice be wakened up as he kept dozing off.

A short time ago, Berlusconi had the unmitigated gall to call Germany’s Angela Merkel, “an un-f%#ckable lard @ss,” at the same time that the German government was debating to what extent it was willing to offer Italy monetary relief and bail Berlusconi’s @ss out of the financial crisis his country is in.

Berlusconi once said, “I’m not a traditional politician, and I have a sense of humor. I’ll try to soften it and become boring, maybe even very boring, but I’m not sure if I’ll be able to.”

You totally failed at that, Silvio, and in a perverted way, you will be missed.

Madmikesamerica wants to know what you think Silvio Berlusconi should do to while away the days in retirement.

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