If anyone deserves to have his ass kissed it’s Albert Pujols

St. Louis Cardinal first baseman, Albert Pujols, the best player in the league just got a ridiculous ten year contract offer from the Florida Marlins.

albert pujols needs to have his ass kissed madmikesamerica.com

The Marlin people aren’t stupid though. They won’t agree to give anyone a “no trade” clause. Even the great Albert Pujols. So although their offer is ridiculous considering Albert’s age, there’s no way the Marlins would keep him all ten years anyway.

The Los Angeles Angels are now said to be in the mix for Pujols as are the Cubs. And not so much the Angels, but the Cubs and Marlins have an interest in driving Pujols’ price way high so if Cardinal management does sign him they will be stuck for the long term and have limited resources to spend on other players. In a couple years it will be Pujols surrounded by rookies and fossils.

The question many might ask are what about loyalty. Pujols has been loyal. Twice he’s given St. Louis hometown discounts. he’s led them to two World Series championships. He owes them nothing. If anything, the Cardinals owe Albert Pujols.  If they had the heart they think Albert should, then they should sell the Cardinals to someone that can afford to pay him and keep him surrounded with quality players.

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