Anonymous finds Ron Paul while hacking neo-nazis

A few weeks ago, Anonymous announced it had hacked American Third Position, A3P, a white supremacist website and taken dozens and dozens of emails, physical addresses, phone numbers and email addresses from the site. Among the emails were quite a few that referenced Ron Paul. I’d never heard of A3P, and while researching them, I had a chance to read the emails. We’ll start with A3P.

American Third Position, or A3P, is a white supremacist organization founded in 2009 by a neo-Nazi group called Freedom 14. A3P is a political organization focused on deporting all immigrants and returning America to white rule. The current leader of A3P is an attorney and author of a book arguing for the deportation of all non whites, William Daniel Johnson. Jamie Kelso, David Duke’s former right hand man, helps A3P with organizing and is featured heavily in the emails allegedly stolen by Anonymous.

In January of 2010, it was revealed that Kevin MacDonald, a virulent anti-Semitic professor at California State University had been named a director of A3P. Mr. MacDonald theorizes that Jews are genetically programmed to weaken the societies in which they live. Also in January of 2010, A3P named James Edwards, board member of the Council of Conservative Citizens as a director. The CCC vehemently opposes race mixing and has described black people as “a retrograde species of humanity.” Other noted white nationalists round out the board at A3P, including Don Wassall.

Don Wassall was brought into A3P by none other than Jamie Kelso. Wassall has been active in the white supremacist movement for decades, running the American Nationalist Union, and its newspaper, The Nationalist Times. Subscriptions for The Nationalist Times are available at the American Third Position website. Wassall also worked on David Duke’s 1988 presidential campaign. Finally, there’s Jamie Kelso. Kelso was a moderator at, the first major hate site on the web. Kelso is not listed on the A3P website, but has described himself as an “executive assistant” to William Johnson.

A3P has a Facebook page, and when I began researching this article, I visited it. American Third Position is running their own presidential candidate this year, a man named Merlin Miller. Miller is a West Point graduate and independent film maker. Miller’s films are distributed by Americana Pictures, whose mission statement on their own website reads “The Mission of Americana Pictures is to develop, produce and market quality motion pictures, which promote fresh talent and the best of traditional European-American ideals.” Kris Kristofferson is one of the more well known actors to have starred in a Merlin Miller film. On their Facebook page, one of the administrators acknowledges that Miller hasn’t got a shot, but states “A3P loves Ron Paul!”

Now, the emails: According to those stored on Pastebin, members of A3P have held conference calls with Ron Paul staff members, organized meetings with Ron Paul and have had contact with Ron Paul and his staff for at least three years. Jamie Kelso and other board members discuss the Tea Party, CPAC and of course, President Obama. One of the strangest emails was from a moderator to a member, admonishing the member for calling Sarah Palin a “Jewess.” Other emails, from someone named “Penn Dutch”, thank Jamie Kelso and state that “Dutch” will tell Ron Paul about their “large following.” There are numerous emails back and forth about infiltrating the tea party, calling tea party members “kinsmen” and pointing out that Ron Paul supporters have a great deal in common with the white nationalist movement.

I believe these emails are real, simply because in many of them, A3P execs reference their Alexa rating. They claim that their regional Alexa score is in the 30,000’s, but when I visited Alexa to confirm this, I found no information available on A3P’s regional scores, and a global score of about 4.4 million. I like the real numbers better than A3P’s version.

If these emails are real, and if A3P and people like William Johnson and Dan Wassall and Jamie Kelso are in contact with the Paul campaign, that’s a disaster. BUT, even if Ron Paul himself is not in contact with this group, he is taking money from white supremacist organizations and these emails indicate that members of his staff have spoken with people from A3P and And that, at least to most people, is enough to say no thank you, Ron Paul.

Thanks to SPLC, Americana Pictures and, oh why not, Anonymous for contributions to this article.

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7 Responses to Anonymous finds Ron Paul while hacking neo-nazis

  1. paschn

    February 21, 2012 at 8:40 am

    Thanks for the article. I’m now certain you’re a “shill” sight for the “tribe”. Paul is the only candidate that sees the danger of kissing Israeli ass in the middle east, unlike the majority of the executive/judicial/legislative branches of the United States of Israel. How does it feel to be leaving your lip-prints on the 3rd largest terrorist group in the World, right after Amerika and the Red Queen’s City of London?
    In addition, you bunch of provocateurs, if recognizing Israel for what it is and what it’s doing to this country is Anti-Semetic so be it.
    Israel is NOT;

    1.) a Democracy, it has NO constitution.

    2.) our ally OR friend, We have NO alliance treaty with it and they have REPEATEDLY attacked and murdered our citizens with the blessings of the “Renfield Class” in D.C.; King David Hotel, USS Liberty, Mavi Mamarra, (sic?) and probably 9/11, (“the five dancing shlomos”).
    3.) Semetic OR “God’s Chosen”, over 90% Ashkenazi,(descendants of the old Khazar Empire from the Caspian Basin). The “Tribe” was a Shamanistic culture of Turkic/Mongol lineage until +/- 740 A.D. when they had a mass-“turtle-necking” party and converted to TALMUDIC Jewry.

    Israel IS;

    a terrorist/nuclear/Rogue state that keeps the bulk of the world in literal slavery through their connections to the IMF, World Bank, U.N. and the PRIVATE Central Banking Cabal.

    • Erin Nanasi

      February 21, 2012 at 9:13 am

      And once again, a Ron Paul supporter refuses to see the forest for the trees. Why don’t you head back on over to Have a delightful day.

  2. Nelson

    February 21, 2012 at 9:22 am

    Excuse me Mr. Paul…The cleaners called and your sheets are ready

  3. Leslie Parsley

    February 21, 2012 at 9:50 am


    “So Ron Paul has a couple of talking points that appeal to you and me – legalizing weed, dismantling TSA, ending U.S. military involvement overseas, killing the Patriot Act – not that he would have the authority to actually do any of these things. But what about all his excess baggage – his racism, his anti-feminism, his disdain for the poor?”

    I dare you to read this and be sure to check out the link to his voting record.

    • Leslie Parsley

      February 21, 2012 at 10:23 am

      BTW: Erin, this is an excellent article. For reasons of my own, I’m not crazy about Anonymous and some of the things they do, yet the more people like Paul are exposed, the better. Unfortunately, there are those who don’t listen as we can see. I’m really not too worried that this rodent-look-alike is going anywhere.

      I’ve been reading and enjoying your articles. Keep up the good work.

  4. AnonymousNot

    February 21, 2012 at 10:02 am

    It looks like we have a neo-nazi at MMA today. It comes as no surprise that “paschn” supports Ron Paul. They’re both anti-semites and half baked provocateurs. Go away “paschn”. Like Erin said try

  5. David

    August 20, 2012 at 6:39 pm

    Most white nationalists dislike most expressions of capitalism, because that system is about seeking profits, and this is what drives corporate chiefs to hire illegal aliens or ship their businesses out of the country. These policies lead to an increasingly mongrelized society, a diminishing of authority for whites Europeans. This is the fruit of the profit motive. Any concern for preserving an ethnic heritage must fall before capitalist ideology.

    Whites are now in rapid decline, due in part to massive unrestricted immigration. NAFTA, the mega banks on Wall Street, propaganda from alien groups, etc. has caused this influx into the US.

    It would seem that proponents of Austrian economics, such as Ron Paul, could hardly ever find common cause with most white nationalists. Paul and the Libertarians don’t want a severe crackdown on illegal immigration, except when it comes to curbing our enticing welfare benefits, and these curbs would effect poor whites too.

    Most of us think its cool when blacks, Jews, gays, and latinos have their own support groups or pressure organizations, we laud them for their allegiance to their people and their own peoples interests. Well, white people have interests too, so we should not condemn pro-white groups or white civil rights advocates.