Republicans opposed to renewing violence against women act

Given their recent track record it should come as no surprise that republican lawmakers are opposed to renewing the 18 year old legislation that seeks to mitigate violence against women.

Conservative senators are coming out against renewing the Violence Against Women Act, which provides federal funding for domestic violence programs and passed with broad bipartisan support in 1994. Democratic women plan to march to the Senate floor today and demand a quick vote to extend the bill, the New York Times reports, with Maria Cantwell among those saying she’s “furious. We’re mad, and we’re tired of it.” But Republicans say they have problems with additions to the bill, which, according to Jeff Sessions, “almost seem to invite opposition.” Those include provisions that grant temporary visas to battered illegal immigrants and open domestic violence programs to same-sex couples.

Even in its current incarnation the bill has five Republican co-sponsors, but it didn’t draw one Republican vote in the Judiciary Committee. “Obviously you want to be for the title,” says Roy Blunt. “If Republicans can’t be for it, we need a very convincing alternative.”

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3 Responses to Republicans opposed to renewing violence against women act

  1. Dan Abshear

    March 16, 2012 at 2:57 pm

    I’m against the VAWA. Clinton approved the act in exchange for radical feminist votes, in 1994. I lost everything I ever had in life, due to this act. I was falsely accused of violently abusing my wife, and that destroyed me, in many ways. I’m definitely not a republican, but this act destroys men, and it needs to be destroyed itself.

  2. Bob Keller

    March 17, 2012 at 12:28 pm

    Interesting story above by Dan Abshear, one I’ve never heard before, and one I’d like to know more about. But’s let get back to the bill before Congress today:

    I ABSOLUTELY HATE the way political parties (in this case, the Democrats) falsify and manipulate the debate and the way thousands of their followers pick up and repeat the lies without checking out the facts.

    Republican’s STRONGLY ENDORSE AND SUPPORT the Violence Against Women Act and have overwhelmingly endorsed it three time (passing and then renewing it repeatedly). They are virtually 100% behind it today.

    SO WHAT’S GOING ON? The Democrats quietly and secretly included four new “poison pill” provisions, never in the act before. These provisions have nothing to do with violence against women or the Act itself, but instead deal with Immigration and an massive increase in Visa’s, Budget Office Accounting (loosens rules in a time of budget deficits???)and funding of third party providers.


    Next Harry Reid sets up a demand for a very quick quick vote with limited debate and absolutely no amendments – no chance to remove or modify the poison pills.

    WHY? Reid knows that the Senate (of all bodies) will NEVER pass a bill under these circumstances. Trust me, even Reid DOES NOT WANT THIS RUBE GOLDBERG OF A BILL TO PASS.

    But he will force the Republicans to be the bad guys and vote against the bill just so he can CLAIM (completely falsely) that Republicans are against VAWA.

    Later, after all the stupid political posturing is over, Reid will allow the real bill to come before the Senate and it will pass with the overwhelming support from Republicans it has ALWAYS enjoyed.


    This is not an anti-Dem rant. Historically, Republicans have played the same game. It just bothers me that all the progressives and many Liberals fall for it without even bothering to discover the facts.


    Back to Dan Abshear above, it is interesting, even important, to note that the original bill was a Republican Bill and was strongly OPPOSED by the ACLU and Liberals. There may indeed be some things very wrong in the bill and its enforcement. I just don’t know enough.

  3. Tattoo Dating

    May 28, 2012 at 10:17 am

    So what know… the women should fight for their rights again?