What will they say when the Iron Sky is falling?

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“Nazis. From the moon.” Like the girl  40 seconds into the trailer. But after that?  The 24 hour news networks  have  used up the vocabulary, including everything needed to describe any real threat in their daily attempt to make every raincloud sound like news. What words do the news have left to explain if the Nazis are really coming? Any warning about the impeding doom will be lost in the hyperbolic shout contest the news are doing every day.

There’s only one thing that could make it worse: If the attacker knows it. Because they watched us broadcasting our helpless naivety on all frequencies. And now they’re ready!

The shortest explanation I can give you for this whole thing would be that its really damn cold in Finland. You have to spend a lot of time locked inside some basement to even come up with this idea. Even more so if you don’t have the money to make it. Director Timo Vuorensola believes in “alternate financing” which is a fancy way of saying “let’s see if people on the internet are mad enough to pay for this!”. So let’s recap you come out of your basement with your pot smoking friends and go “You know what we’ll make a movie about Nazis from out space with money we don’t have!”. Now you tell me how likely it is that this thing will ever show up in a theater. Yet against all odds this is happening, the movie already premiered on the Berlinale Film Festival in Europe.

So far all critics seem to agree it is going to be a ridiculously funny dark comedy confronting true evil with today’s attitude towards media, elections and money. It might even raise the question if modern western society would be up to fight evil on this scale anymore. Or they might blow up a lot of shit, we don’t know yet.

Gathering money from independent investors and internet fans this film runs on a total budget of only around 7 to 10 million dollars, depending on what the stock market decided your life’s work is worth today. Even considering the impressive special effects Skyline pulled of for only 20 million that is a ridiculously small sum of money. It is hard to believe they even managed to make that trailer with it. Just like with the story we can’t know the effects will hold up but then again the critics seem to be happy. The only thing absolutely sure about Iron Sky is that it makes possible Captain America 2 already be a worse move than it would have been otherwise simply because it won’t have Nazis from the dark side of the moon as the bad guys.

The movie is not only paid for by independent supporters and fans it is also promoted that way. From competitions to creating the best YouTube promo video to the “Demand Iron Sky!” campaign that urges fans to ask their local theaters to play the film. On the map on their homepage you can already see the red dots grow as interest slowly conquers the world. The sheer excitement and momentum building up from fans who want to see us all bombed by the meteor-blitzkrieg is mind-blowing.

If you’re into sci-fi, dark humor or simply want to support independent film making and happen to live near a theater that runs this flick you should not wait for the DVD on this one. Stuff like this isn’t produced by the dozen and whether good or bad it is at least a change from the usual Hollywood fast food fare. Iron Sky launches worldwide this April. Definite dates for the US are still under wraps but will be on the movie’s official homepage soon.

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One Response to What will they say when the Iron Sky is falling?

  1. Christian Endsuleit Reply

    March 19, 2012 at 8:06 am

    And that should have been “Nazis from outer space”. Someday I’ll learn to type.

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