Book Review: 11-11-11 by John Rachel

John Rachel has outdone himself with his latest book 11-11-11.  I stayed up half the night finishing it and when I turned the last page I was disappointed the adventure was over.

John manages to combine Vonnegut, Leonard, and Rachel in one big pot stirring all the while.  It is humorous and exciting all at once.  John’s character development is remarkable as is his ability to weave a fascinating tale of apocalyptic madness only life in a small town like Pulnick can produce.  The fact that I lived in a small Missouri town for many, many years certainly lent to the charm of 11-11-11  as I could relate in many ways to the diverse geographic and demographic sketches.

Here is a taste of 11-11-11

Noah was turning 23 and desperate to get out of town. Pulnick, Missouri had always been a hopelessly hayseed blemish on the pallid face of rural Bible-belt America. Always bland and soporific, it was now being invaded by white supremacist meth heads, visited by an unprecedented crime wave, exploited by spiritualists and local politicos, and driven to hysteria by paranoid rumors that the world would end on November 11th. Moreover, Noah’s personal life was becoming more convoluted by the day. Everything seemed to conspire against his singular need to go somewhere where he could begin a new life and learn how to dream.

Please visit John’s blog site and look around!  If interested in purchasing John’s book you can go directly here.

As always your feedback is appreciated.  Let us know what you think of John Rachel’s 11-11-11 in the comments section.

Originally published on MMA October 3, 2011.

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