Book Review: Global Warming Trigger Event

Global Warming Trigger Event
Darryl Whitford
ISBN 978-0-646-56845-4

In the plethora of books on global warming it is hard to find one that distinguishes itself. Most are self edifying viewpoints from the world of academia or politically aspired policy statements, causing confusion rather than enlightenment.

This is a rare book telling a real story of real scientific information where the reluctant author prefers to ‘let the data speak for itself’, and indeed it does, taking the reader into a fascinating journey of discovery that finds the very moment when what we call global warming began.

Conditioned by all we have heard about global warming, this book fragments all we have come to understand, and in the process, the reader questions truth. The global warming argument has become for or against what scientists and governments propose to us, but this book takes neither position, the data itself determining in the readers mind a more brutal future than any could guess at.

A reluctant author Darryl Whitford may be, but his credentials in the world of science carry the highest environmental award in Australia, the Banksia Foundation Environmental Award. His knowledge of science and a lifetime of experience in engineering allowed him to discover what should have been obvious to researchers around the world. In one respect the book gives an insight into how scientific minds work; the methodical scientist living within confines of scientific practice, who must methodically move from one conclusion to the next, and that of the author who is able to see the big picture before anyone else, and then research why it is so.

Neither a novel nor a scientific paper, it is perhaps the marriage of the two, with a detailed Foreword explaining the journey of discovery, followed by scientific explanation presented in a well explained manner that any layperson can understand.

The data truly does speak for itself, and a reader cannot help but ask as you travel the journey of discovery why no one else has not mentioned what seemed obvious. The author has valiantly written in a manner not to impart personal opinion, but the reader will inescapably come to a disturbing, if not angry, conclusion as to the political position of the global warming community.

At the turn of the final page you could well have just read a fictional novel full of intrigue without a single character in it. In a subtlety of writing, the most important information this work gives, is that which has not been identified to the public.

This book is provided free in the interest of scientific dissemination and public interest. Available from Google Books, E-Book sites or direct from

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2 Responses to Book Review: Global Warming Trigger Event

  1. Nina Grunseth Reply

    April 30, 2012 at 1:49 pm

    Can’t find the book! The link in the article says “Page not found.” 🙁

    • Michael John Scott Reply

      April 30, 2012 at 2:27 pm

      Wow. Thanks for bringing that to my attention Nina! FIXED 🙂

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