Don’t Let the Republicans Fill Us With Despair

In 1985 my Dad ran for mayor of our hometown. His campaign was based on a radical idea then as it would be considered now. Infrastructure was crumbling. City services sucked. Police and fire equipment broke down on the way to emergency calls. Dad said he would support a one cent sales tax to pay for upgrading these things. His opponent, of course a Republican, said he would refinance debt to pay for things. Naturally the Republican lied about every single thing.

It was a bitter campaign. The Republicans put out several “hit pieces” on Dad. That is a big reason I am what I am today and will never apologize for it. Nothing I’ve ever said or done in the political arena has ever been as despicable as what the Republicans put out about my Dad or any of the other candidates we ran through over the years.

Fortunately, Dad worked hard and he won by 27 votes. His victory led to a resurgence of the Democratic Party in our area and Democrats held the mayor’s office ever since.

What was sad though is that he only won by 27 votes. Dad’s opponent told voters what they wanted to hear. That things were fine. No pain through a tax hike was needed because we could just borrow what we needed and refinance throughout eternity. And people still desperately want to hear this crap today.

This attitude is tough to fight but fight it is what the Democrats must do to start us on the road to real health care reform. Stupidity, apathy and laziness are the friends of the republicans. I wish it were different. That hard work and contribution to our Country’s greater good meant more than the few bucks a week a government that paid it’s bills mean to so many millions of us.

I truly look at politics as a battle between good and evil.Because that is truly what it has become. The Republican allies of ignorance and apathy are powerful. We can’t let impatience become another of their allies. I want single payer now. I want our troops out Afghanistan and I want Gitmo closed now. If, however, I choose to abandon my party because of those things the Republicans win and nothing will change.

The Colonists didn’t win the Revolutionary War overnight. Nothing worthwhile is just given to us. The Republicans most certainly will not give up their stranglehold without resorting to every dirty trick in the book. Think long term. Think of our Nation’s future. We’ll get there if we don’t let the bad guys blind and obstruct us into giving up.

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One Response to Don’t Let the Republicans Fill Us With Despair

  1. Jess Reply

    June 2, 2012 at 8:20 pm

    “What was sad though is that he only won by 27 votes” Not sad at all when you think about it. Every vote counted, to get a good guy who would do things in office. I harp on everyone I know, that their vote matters. Our primary is this Tuesday and since I have already sent in my absentee ballot, I can get some people to their voting locations.

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