Philosophy, Debt, Bail-Outs and Football – Germany v. Greece

Today in the PGE Arena, Gdańsk, Poland, Germany will play Greece in a Euro 2012 quarter-final soccer game. In another time, a soccer game is all it would be, but in this troubled financial era, political overtones have forced their way in to this major European sporting event.

The Greeks, tottering and ever changing government, are trying to come to terms with fact that they cannot pay their bills. The German government, the big boy of the Euro zone, insist they can’t keep bailing them out. German Chancellor Merkel wants deeper austerity cuts to the Greek budget before any more financial help is forthcoming. The Greeks call the Germans Nazis, the Germans call the Greeks lazy. Focus magazine says the Greeks should sell off some of their national treasures, i.e. The Acropolis, the Parthenon and a few of their Islands, to pay of their debt.


German magazine Focus gave the Venus de Milo an arm to get their message across.

The players insist that all they are thinking about is the game, in which Germany is the overwhelming favorite to win. But the Greek team is tenacious and super defensive, and could frustrate the Germans on the field of play as well as in the political arena. May the best/richest/poorest team win.

The famous British comedy troupe, Monty Python, orchestrated a soccer game between famous Greek and German philosophers from history and matched them in a life and death struggle. Soccer may not mean anything to you, financial news is all bad, therefore you could be sick of it, but good comedy is timeless. Go Socrates.

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