The Cloud Appreciation Society

Every now and then one comes across a website that is both simple and beautiful, not just in the look of the site but in the subject matter it promotes.

clouds-that-look-like-things-the-cloud-appreciation-societyThe Cloud Appreciation Society loves clouds of all shapes and sizes. It was founded in the U.K. by Gavin Pretor-Pinney in January 2005. The society aims to foster understanding and appreciation of clouds, and has over 29,000 members worldwide from 83 different countries.

The society recently published a book Clouds That Look Like Things it features pictures of unusual cloud formations from around the world.

Like the majority of sites it is free to browse, but membership is encouraged. A one off payment of about $10 gets you a badge and certificate plus life membership. There are coffee mugs, t-shirts, DVDs and many other cloud related items for sale.

We all have our likes and dislikes, but surely clouds are something we can all agree on. Even miles high storm clouds have a dangerous beauty. As a major cloud-watcher, I will be scanning the skies for shapes that nature throws at us daily and maybe get one of my pictures in the next edition of the book.


This photo of a lenticular or Flying Saucer cloud on Lion's Head in Cape Town, taken by Mary Hemsworth, is featured in a new book called Clouds That Look Like Things, published by the Cloud Appreciation Society.


Red snapper by Gavin Tobin. Spotted in the sky over the Blasket Islands, County Kerry, Ireland.


Cloud waterfall, spotted by Captain Gianni Cerutti on final approach to runway 23 in Geneva, Switzerland

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