An Open Letter to Richard Mourdock

The following is an open letter to Richard Mourdock, Republican candidate for senate in Indiana, following his astonishing remarks at a political campaign function which simply affirmed the belief that the GOP is indeed the “rape party.”

Dear Mr. Mourdock,

As a survivor of sexual assault, I was appalled by your comments recently about pregnancies resulting from rape. I was lucky in that I was not impregnated by my rapist, but if I  had been, I would have terminated the pregnancy.

My rape, I am guessing, does not qualify as “legitimate” rape to your party because I had been drinking and I spoke to the man who raped me. I didn’t know his name, but to your party, that doesn’t matter, does it? I had said hello to him, and I had a few alcoholic beverages, therefore, I must have been asking for it. It probably would not be considered “forcible” because, other than 5 perfect finger-shaped bruises on my neck, I had no physical injuries.

Mr. Mourdock, have you ever seen an adoption form? You and your ilk like to say that rape victims who become pregnant can give the baby up for adoption after it is born. Are you aware that adoption forms require information about the father? So, if you are shoved up against your own car by a man almost a foot taller than you, and he chokes you while forcing himself inside you, then leaves you, crumpled on the pavement, odds are the only information about him you will be able to put on the adoption form is “tall” and “male.” Oh, and he has very strong hands.

Mr. Mourdock, you have no right, none, to tell any woman what to do if she is impregnated by rape. You have no idea what it feels like to be raped, to be violated, hurt, choked, to wish you were dead. You care so deeply about cells crashing together inside a woman’s uterus, you forget to care about the woman. Rape is not just a physical attack. It changes you, it breaks you and it damages you emotionally and psychologically.

You claim to be a Christian, just like everyone else on the far right, but your actions do not mirror your supposed beliefs. You are not pro-life, sir, you are pro-fetus. If you were pro-life, you would try and empathize with a woman who survived a sexual assault only to discover that she was impregnated by a violent predator. You would learn that adoption forms insist on paternal information, and leaving that entire portion blank sends up red flags to prospective adoptive parents.

I think every single person on the far right should, if you insist on trying to force your religious beliefs on the rest of us, go to a rape crisis center, visit a battered women’s shelter and look women in the eye as you tell them they don’t matter. Because to you, sir, we don’t.

Shame on you, Mr. Mourdock.

Let these republicans know how you feel about their war on women and write a letter of your own to your GOP representatives.

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One Response to An Open Letter to Richard Mourdock

  1. James Smith

    October 25, 2012 at 10:59 am

    I have one comment for Mr. Mourdock. “You’re an ignorant, arrogant asshole.” Lucky for you the hell you believe in doesn’t exist. You certainly belong there.