Study: Liberals Bigger Boozers Than Conservatives

Hillary and friend Barack share a drink.  Pic courtesy of

Hillary and friend Barack share a drink. Pic courtesy of

I’m not surprised at the results of the new study published by the Journal of Wine Economics which finds that lefties are bigger boozers than righties.  After all, liberals experience a great deal of frustration at the inability of the bull headed empty brains that make up the Republican party to actually pass common sense legislation or to believe in things which are fair and good for the American people.

The Duquesne University in Pennsylvania study by Pavel Yakovlev and Walter P. Guessford shows a direct correlation between political beliefs and the demand for alcohol. It compares the sale of alcoholic beverages against the political leanings of a state’s members of Congress, as ranked by liberal organizations Americans for Democratic Action (ADA) and the AFL-CIO Committee on Political Education (COPE).

The research clearly finds that states with more liberal representatives like Nevada tend to consume up to three times more alcohol per head than more politically conservative states like Arkansas and Utah.

The study concludes:

In this study, we show that liberal ideology has a statistically significant positive association with the consumption of alcohol in the United States even after controlling for economic, demographic, and geographic differences across states.

These findings are completely consistent with recent studies in other parts of the world showing that people with socialist views tend to drink more.

Russian socialists were significantly more likely than anti-socialists to drink alcohol frequently one 2002 study found.  Another 2006 survey of Belarus, Russia, and Ukraine found that those adults with anti-communist views were less likely to drink, smoke, or take drugs than their pro-communist peers.

The authors of this latest study offer two theories to explain this divergence in behavior. One possibility is that people of a more liberal persuasion tend to be more open to new experiences, such as the consumption of alcohol or drugs. Another possibility is that people living in more liberal states or countries may feel more confident in government health care and social welfare to pick up the pieces if drinking leads to health or social problems.

What do you think?  I still believe it’s because the Republicans would drive anyone to drink, that and the fact everyone knows liberals have more fun.

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2 Responses to Study: Liberals Bigger Boozers Than Conservatives

  1. Peter Biehn

    February 1, 2014 at 7:40 pm

    Big lib here but I think it’s different in Blighty you know.

  2. Bill Formby

    February 2, 2014 at 11:48 pm

    Hell, we have to drink to put up with the right wing nuts. If we didn’t we would end up killing all of them. Thank God for the Scots and there lovely scotch.