Does Anyone Like Chris Christie Anymore?

Pic courtesy of  Image distributed by American Bridge PAC

Pic courtesy of Image distributed by American Bridge PAC

I was one of those odd dems who liked the feckless New Jersey governor, primarily because of his unblushing directness.  That doesn’t mean I would have voted for him, because when you peel that onion you will find a Republican at the core, along with all the trappings.

Our friend Jon Terbush over at The Week shares some of his thoughts with us:

Okay, so some people still like New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R), but their ranks are dwindling. And according to a new Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll, every single voting demographic views Christie more negatively than favorably. That’s an incredible finding given that mere months ago Christie was one of the most popular politicians in America.

Overall, 17 percent of respondents view Christie favorably, versus 32 percent who do not. That’s almost a perfect inverse from October when 33 percent liked Christie and 17 percent did not.

Further, more than twice as many independents (28 percent) dislike Christie than the percentage who like him (12 percent.) And even among Republicans, Christie’s favorable/unfavorable split is underwater (23 percent versus 29 percent.)

Christie was once an early favorite to win the GOP presidential nomination in 2016. Now, his potential financial backers are already shopping around for a new candidate.

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One Response to Does Anyone Like Chris Christie Anymore?

  1. rowdy62

    March 12, 2014 at 11:41 am

    The guy is another crooked pol, always has been. Never liked him and never will. It was his influence if not his direct intervention that created this bridge mess.