Dems Ahead By Five Points In Pew Poll…but….

In an extremely rare bit of good news for Democrats heading into the midterm elections, the latest Pew survey finds the Blue Party with a respectable five-point edge in the generic ballot. By a 47 percent to 42 percent split, respondents say they plan to vote for the Democratic candidate in November, per Pew.

Now for the bad news: generic ballot polls have been trending in favor of Republicans recently, which should temper Democrats’ optimism heading into the midterms, and that tempering is what keeps democrats at home on election day.

It’s important to remember that at this point in 2010, Pew gave Democrats a one-point edge on the generic ballot, and everyone saw how that election turned out. In addition, Republicans are still heavily favored to take control of the Senate. So even if Democrats do pick off a few House seats, they’re still likely enter next year in the minority in both chambers of congress.  If that happens the administration may as well turn out the lights and go home.

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5 Responses to Dems Ahead By Five Points In Pew Poll…but….

  1. Dr. Bear

    August 27, 2014 at 4:34 am

    I think the lesson here is this: If you want to get the power away from a party which is literally controlled and indebted to the tea party, every single progressive needs to get out and vote blue. We do not have the luxury this upcoming mid-term to be so purist in our approach, as we do have time for that.

    What has my ire the most is this: The Democratic lawmakers came out with something quite similar, about one week ago, to what the Republicans put out with their “Contract with America,” which everyone should recall, was quite successful in getting them elected during that particular mid-term. But where do we hear about this in the supposed “liberal lame stream media?” I don’t hear a thing about it. Worse, the emails I receive on a near persistent basis from the Democratic Party is simply to raise money, without sharing any of that platform (which I might add, polls excellently among the electorate) but uses a fear strategy with this message: “Tell Republicans to take impeachment off the table.”

    For the DNC, I have a bit of news for them: The Republican Party is going to impeach the President, regardless of whether they have the votes in the Senate or not. That is how much they hate the guy, in my opinion. So DNC: Do us all a favor and tell Americans what you do believe in, because when I saw that plan unveiled, as the President stated: “Democrats are largely on the side of the majority of Americans for most parties.” The very fact that these races are so close, when taking into consideration just what the Republican Party has done these past six years, should cause any progressive to pause.

    My advice? Find out the statues in your particular state regarding any new voter ID laws, and ensure you assist your friends and neighbors (if you are progressive) in meeting those standards. Then, on election day, VOTE, but don’t do so alone! Get out and offer to take at least one person to the polls. If progressives were as vigilant as conservatives at mid-terms, we wouldn’t all find ourselves in this current mess we are in.

  2. Michael John Scott

    August 27, 2014 at 8:12 am

    You make some excellent points here Mark and I agree with them. The democrats have always been apathetic where the republicans have been aggressive. As a result the Right wins elections and the Left, gets left behind.

  3. Dr. Bear

    August 27, 2014 at 9:06 am


    Well, you made some excellent points as well! My entire beef is that the Republicans, whether one loves em or hates em, have a tendency to create narratives which stick with the “American Voter,” and whether they are following the screed they profess seems irrelevant. What does matter, it appears, is the manner in which the messaging takes place, and for that Republicans are experts.

    I go back to my original point as I stated: WHY can they not seem to message appropriately? I have actually contacted Senator Mary Landrieu, my United States Senator, excoriating her for having a Republican in her commercial endorsing her. My point to her wasn’t that it isn’t great that she has Republican supporters, but that she is “running away” from the record she provided so many good folks down in this state with, such as ensuring the oil companies pay their fair share of subsidies. Do Republican supporters actually believe that her opponent Bill Cassidy, will ensure this continues if he takes her seat when he is so married to the oil lobby? No! And yet, she placed a daggum Republican in her ad, while running away from the record and Obama. But here is the deal: If we didn’t have any data on what happens to Senators who run from the incumbent President, in this case, President Obama, we would be on thin ice with the point. But we do!

    I point you to FORMER United States Senator Blanche Lincoln. And, THAT was my point made to the Senator’s office regarding her running away from the President. Here is the deal as I stated to her: Funny how the great people of Kentucky cannot stand “Obamacare” but love the KNET system which is the exact same dam#ed thing. The problem? Messaging! So, I offered my services as a professional in the field of social psychology to the great Senator of my State, only to be ignored for several weeks, until I placed so much heat on her office, that they finally did call back. And this time they were serious! It seemed to me they could read the handwriting on the wall: If they don’t change strategy she is going to be just like FORMER Senator Lincoln. And that is precisely the point! So, they finally invited me to come to their office and campaign headquarters, but only after I justified to their campaign manager as to why they needed me: I told them, whoever is creating the narrative, doing the talking, is winning the election. THAT they understood, however it was just at the time my Mother-In-Law was diagnosed as being terminally ill, leading up to her untimely death only three months later. I left yet, another message, and only time will tell whether the Senator will see the need for my services. I am actually contemplating running on the ticket for Cassidy’s old seat, whose nominee is a teabagger who does not believe in any such thing as “climate change.” This is a woman I would love to debate. Thanks for allowing me to vent Mike!

  4. Bill Formby

    August 27, 2014 at 11:28 am

    The Republicans have had time to Gerrymander most all the districts in the country. The best hope we have is that if Democrats and Independents do actually turn out in the midterms. However, in some states, like Alabama, the electorate seem to be not smart enough to understand when they are being duped.

  5. Norman Rampart

    August 27, 2014 at 4:01 pm

    Pugh, Pugh, Barney Magrew, Cuthbert, Dibble and Grub…sorry…seeing Pew reminded me of ‘Trumpton’ a childhood favourite on TV.

    No idea really but blue is my favourite colour so vote blue!!