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How to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse

Due to the current popularity of zombies in fictional media, you’ve probably stumbled on one or two–or 100–different pieces of advice about how to prepare for the zombie apocalypse. This seems pretty silly to most people, with zombies being a completely fictional threat.

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Prepping for Disaster

However, don’t immediately dismiss the idea of preparing for the zombie apocalypse, because the work you do to help you deal with a world overrun by zombies can translate to other disaster situations. As the recent past has shown us, disasters happen, and nobody can be truly trusted to make sure you stay safe more than yourself.

Then there’s the possibility of some sort of virus overwhelming the human population, leaving you on your own. While the zombie virus may not be an actual threat, the Ebola virus is plenty real … not to mention whatever other nasty viruses that the government is studying in secret labs, a la Stephen King’s The Stand.

Building a Disaster Kit

Many of the items that the accompanying infographic identifies as good items to have stored away in case of a zombie apocalypse are also smart items to have on hand in case of a natural disaster, where government services are out of commission for an extended period of time. Some of the items identified in this infographic and by the Ready.gov Web site will work in both a zombie disaster and a natural disaster.

  • Keeping warm will be difficult in a natural disaster like a hurricane or tornado that destroys shelters, while also dropping cold rain. And warm, thick clothing with long sleeves will protect you from zombie scratches, too.
  • While you may not need a driver’s license or other ID documents in a zombie apocalypse, you will need one in a natural disaster. Governmental authorities may evacuate the area around your home after a disaster, and you’ll have a difficult time returning to the area without identification.
  • First aid kits. Having a basic first-aid kit, including antibiotic ointment, is a must in any kind of disaster, zombie or otherwise. If you won’t be able to see a doctor for several days, you don’t want an infection from a simple cut to spread and endanger your life.
  • When a strong storm strikes at night, you’d be surprised how few people have shoes nearby that they can slip on quickly. Walking through the mud and cold rain in bare feet is difficult, so keep shoes handy in case of a storm-related disaster. And although zombies don’t move very fast, as indicated by the infographic, trying to outrun them in bare feet is a bad idea.
  • Water and food. Having at least a few days’ worth of clean water is a must for any survival situation. Humans need water, about 1 gallon per day, to live. And if you are trying to survive in cold weather outdoors after a disaster – and/or if you’re trying to outrun zombies – having non-perishable food on hand will give you the energy you need.

Remember that power will be knocked out in nearly any type of major disaster, so having a battery-powered radio will be your lifeline to keeping up with news. And if you hear the noise on the radio change from human words to gutteral moans, either the talk show blowhard has finally lost his marbles or the zombie horde has achieved its ultimate goal. If it’s the latter, while your disaster prep kit may have been put together with a hurricane in mind, those stored supplies will work just as well for the zombie apocalypse!

CLICK HERE for the infographic.

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  1. Norman Rampart Reply

    October 28, 2014 at 1:29 pm

    I’ll just hide under me bed – with the cats 😉

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