5 Essentials for Your Next Promotion

As a savvy new business executive, it’s time to look and play the part. In doing so, you’ll boost your self-confidence, gain the respect of your new peers, and create lasting impressions upon new clients. Here are five essential purchases you need to make when you receive a promotion in the corporate world.

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1.      Invest In A Quality Staple Outfit

Having been promoted, your style of dress may need to change. The way you dress reflects upon the way you think and act. If you look powerful, you will be powerful. Also remember that any subordinates are looking at you for their own guidance. So it’s important to have a wardrobe that speaks success. As you’ve just been promoted, you may need to acquire new pieces of clothing to your wardrobe, bit by bit.

Every business executive should have one quality suit; this is true for men and women. They are labeled as investment pieces because you are investing in your future. The idea is not to have hundreds of new pieces of clothing, resulting in purchasing a bunch of cheap items that look frail during a business meeting. The goal is to purchase quality items.

You don’t have to break the bank to do this though. You can shop at the same large retail stores for designer outfits such as Macy’s, Nordstrom’s, and any designer outlet. The trick is to buy them all on sale. Who’s to know? In addition to finding items on sale, you can get more discounts using coupons from Valpak. Start out purchasing a few dark pieces, so your clothing doesn’t stick out in the minds of your business partners. Your jewelry, belt, shirt, and tie can change up your outfits for less.

2.      Make Sure Your Smart Accessories Reflect Your Professional Image

Consider investing in smart accessories. Purchase a quality phone, laptop, iPad, and digital organizers to reflect your professional image. Don’t forget to replace your old accessories with quality ones as well such as a phone case. While you look at a torn case as normal wear and tear, your potential business partner or client you’re meeting will not see it that way. Your goal at a business meeting is to impress, not digress their thoughts of you or the company you represent. If you don’t have any of these items, be sure to invest in them. You’ll need these items to help organize and manage your day.

3.      A Leather Bag or Briefcase

If you take public transportation to and from work, you, of course, want all your daily essentials. Many people take backpacks with them to hold their lunches, books, and paperwork. However, once you’ve received your promotion, you’re expected to travel with paperwork and binders all the time and a backpack simply won’t do. Now is the time to invest in a quality leather bag or briefcase.

4.      A Quality Pen

Over the course of the rest of your career, you may sign hundreds of contracts in front of lawyers and accountants. You may need to pass your pen off to a client. What do you think they’ll think about signing a multi-million dollar deal with a $1 pen? Your signature is golden during these deals, so make sure it looks golden with a high quality pen. You never know, your client may be a pen enthusiast and the conversation over that Montblanc pen could spark a newfound partnership. You can even add your monogram on more pricey writing utensils.

5.      A Business Card

Many companies have cut back on handing out business cards. Even if they haven’t, you’re stuck with a company issued business card. Once you’ve been promoted, you’ll have more chances for networking and business opportunities. You never know when you’ll need to leverage them. So ensure you get yourself a professional business card with your personal mobile number and email address.

These five items are a great place to start to look like an upcoming executive. This isn’t an all-inclusive list, but it is a start.


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